Let's Talk About Tesla Roadster 2020!

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 17, 2017
  • Thoughts on Tesla Roadster 2. Next gen sports cars are going to be simply insane.
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    Intro Track: I Got One by Alltta



  • Good Bye
    Good Bye  4 hours ago

    Buy it

  • A-Man
    A-Man  yesterday

    2020 is near~~

  • i like chiken bob

    buy the fucking car

    DJ CAUTION  3 days ago

    no mirrors = cameras instead and will be viewed inside the car.

  • Wesley Mattox
    Wesley Mattox  4 days ago

    I think the Tesla roadster is the next mclaren F1. I mean its just so ahead.

  • Christian Fowler
    Christian Fowler  4 days ago

    Haven’t watched this guys videos in a while, man came a long way 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • naveeniscool2005
    naveeniscool2005  4 days ago

    1.9 is the base model.

  • Robert Bidochon
    Robert Bidochon  4 days ago

    TR2 it is!

  • Truth Nation
    Truth Nation  5 days ago

    Yup yup on the lease, constant new cars

  • Messerschmitt Mustang

    It's a secret preparation from Elon Musk before he forced us to go to Mars with his accelerating rocket

  • O Gomez
    O Gomez  6 days ago

    Cant wait until Top Gear calls it slow

  • YLKb24
    YLKb24  7 days ago

    Tesla Roadster Bike in 2022
    0 - 140 mph in 1.5s

  • AO1337
    AO1337  7 days ago +1

    This thing is going to drain its battery faster than an iPhone 6.

  • Usaamah Musa
    Usaamah Musa  7 days ago +1


  • ur gaylul
    ur gaylul  7 days ago

    Buy it!!

  • Robin Dueck Degen

    Holy shit thats 4 G's when you add gravity

  • Michel Bakhos
    Michel Bakhos  7 days ago

    Yeah it doesn’t do 621 miles if your doing 0-60 in 1.9 seconds

  • thatboi69
    thatboi69  7 days ago

    I’m 13 and I want one just to hit and run the cops

  • Sukhwant Singh
    Sukhwant Singh  7 days ago

    Speed is great, but what about safety

  • Gokulnath Ponnusamy

    Bruh! It takes just 8.3minutes for sun’s light energy to reach earth which is 92,000,000 miles away. It would be a disaster if Tesla’s batteries are not quick enough to accelerate that roadster at that rate. Stop comparing Tesla to gasoline powered cars.