Look What They Did To My Car!! **REVEAL**

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 27, 2018
  • I NEED YOUR HELP! Check out the new UPGRADED Wassabi Car & let me know what I should name her in the comments! 🔥

    Thanks to my friends at www.lussoautodesign.com for hooking me up! Instagram: @LussoLV


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  • Shreya  (Oct 28, 2018))

    Does anyone else.. Thinking of *Mr. Kate* !? 😀 Orr it's just me?? 😅

  • Andreamary M  (1 day ago))

    Mr.Kate or the sorry girls🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Jolie Rankin  (Dec 20, 2018))

    Literally the first thing I thought. And I am so excited shes having a boy!!!

  • Rebecca Hernandez  (Oct 30, 2018))

    I like how they use there bodies to represent the furniture 😂😂

  • Starr Scicluna  (Nov 12, 2018))

    Rebecca Hernandez yeah hahahaha 😂

  • Adam Starkey  (Oct 28, 2018))

    Actual car reveal 3:25Your welcome

  • Lollipop Product  (Dec 11, 2018))


  • Rin Matsuoka  (Oct 28, 2018))

    does anyone remember that lauren was meant to buy alex his new car???? but now alex had to get his own since they broke up :( lauren didn't buy alex's at the time cuz she had just spent a lotta her money on buying her house

  • Panda Annie  (Mar 23, 2019))

    I know right !! I was waiting for that vlog where Lauren buys him a 🚙

  • Camila Carrillo  (Nov 10, 2018))

    I think Lauren’s great and it was a mutual breakup so stop the hate plz ppl

  • Anthony Marquez  (Oct 27, 2018))

    Is mr. Kate coming

  • Haley Hackel  (Oct 27, 2018))

    Anthony Marquez ya

  • Emma-Grace Frasher  (Oct 27, 2018))

    Anthony Marquez I thought the same thing

  • Lauren Oei  (Oct 28, 2018))

    Name the car Cami. Get it? Because it has a camouflaged design :)

  • Desireé Burgess  (Nov 23, 2018))

    Lauren Oei i was think that too lol

  • x_.roseee._x x  (Oct 28, 2018))

    You should call your car shadow. P.S thanks for the video

  • RCGlad  (Oct 28, 2018))

    I love how the duck costume is in the back of the garage, like if you see it

  • Jodi Lily  (Mar 9, 2019))

    3:40 if anyone tries to see it

  • Everything that is cool is always tomorrow 😣

  • Ruby MORGAN  (Oct 27, 2018))

    7:32 omg he called himself Alice JUST LIKE WHEN LAUREN CALLED HIM THAT 😭

  • Delaney Vlogs  (Oct 27, 2018))


  • Adrianna Ramos  (Oct 27, 2018))

    omg he did! I went back and replayed it