Steven Universe Soundtrack Score - Pearl's Oath "Clean Version'" - Aivi and Surasshu

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 7, 2019
  • This Theme is a Acount Souncloud of Aivi


  • PONK :
    PONK :  20 hours ago

    Ok I know everyone hates pink/ Rose but I still love her

  • random guy
    random guy  21 hours ago

    So let me get this straight. Pink shapeshifted into rose quartz to have fun on earth. But she realized the organic life there would not survive her colonization. So she apoke to the other diamonds but they wouldn't listen. So she decided to start a war. But when Garnet fused. She didn't just wanna fight for earth. She wanted to fight for all gems' freedom. But the final step for Pink was to forget about the past (Spinel too) So pearl shapeshifted into rose quartz and poofed pink diamond with fake gem shards to stage a fake shattering. And after that she reformed to be rose all the time.


  • Christian
    Christian  3 days ago

    Wait a second does that mean pearl can form the same skin color as Greg 😏

  • Christian
    Christian  3 days ago

    Pearl:You know this is crazy pink diamond:I can’t exactly shatter my self

  • Christian
    Christian  4 days ago

    No one can ever know 🤺


    When rose quartz transforms into pink diamond the song play the pink diamond theme
    See 1:09

  • Camila Torres UwU

    1:20 this was in the soundtrack of an indirect kiss

  • Camila Torres UwU

    1:20 this was in the soundtrack of an indirect kiss

  • Bonnalina Fuzbunny
    Bonnalina Fuzbunny  7 days ago +3

    This sounds like a Studio Ghibli song.

  • WellHiThere
    WellHiThere  7 days ago

    "Sorry to make you come all this way."

  • Kula Diamond
    Kula Diamond  7 days ago +1

    I really love this part 1:20

    It sounds so romantic 💖

  • SomeGaymerNerd
    SomeGaymerNerd  7 days ago

    I like how melodicas are used for the diamonds, the chords they use sound really really nice to me

  • Purple Polka
    Purple Polka  14 days ago

    Sounds almost like something that would be in a Legend of Zelda game.

  • Richard Vári
    Richard Vári  14 days ago


  • cookiehunter566
    cookiehunter566  21 days ago

    Diamonds have the ability to shapeshift automatically, without the hassle of poofing and reforming. They are diamonds, and not the prime example for all gems. I was suprised when ruby burst into flames and ran into sapphires arms in the marrying episode. This theme is absolutely gorgeous, and i love the chords, and voilin!

  • SublimeHawk6
    SublimeHawk6  21 days ago

    what does it mean by "clean version"??

  • Yoshi Exploshi
    Yoshi Exploshi  21 days ago +1

    My heart skipped a beat when I realized Pink Diamond helped create Obsidian.

  • Kelsey J
    Kelsey J  28 days ago

    this song makes me cry EVERY TIME

  • bts trash
    bts trash  28 days ago +13

    "And then youll be done. Its going to be easy."

    "Theres got to be another way...I mean...maybe-"

    "Blue and Yellow dont care. They never have. This is Pink Diamonds colony. We can end it all right here. Right now."

    "You know this is crazy right?"

    "Your status, my purpose, none of it will matter anymore."

    "This will change everything."

    "I know! isnt it exciting?"

    "It is.."

    "We can leave our old lives behind. If this is really my world i want to give it to the crystal gems. I want to live here with human beings! I want to live here with you! We'll both finally be free."

    "Okay. Im ready."


    "I cant believe im going to do this."

    "i cant exactly shatter myself."


    "Very much so My Diamond."

    "Soon it will be just..Rose."

    "Wait, theres one last thing I need you to do."


    "No one can ever find out we did this. I never want to look back. So, for my last order to you as a diamond, please...lets never speak of this again. No one can know."

    "Sorry to make you come all this way."