Travis Scott - SICKO MODE (Audio)



  • CatchAFire Productions

    drake gotta finish that first song on some aston martin shit

  • Bounty3point0
    Bounty3point0  3 minutes ago +1


  • shawn strydom
    shawn strydom  14 minutes ago

    For the 45k dislikes ya'll don't know what real music is, word.

  • Blue and Maize 90
    Blue and Maize 90  23 minutes ago

    Drake's lyrics are straight trash

  • Guillermo Cuadra Brea
    Guillermo Cuadra Brea  48 minutes ago

    what the hell is going on? awesome

  • Gage Levesque
    Gage Levesque  an hour ago

    yo yo this song sucks dong yo

  • saleh elhndwei
    saleh elhndwei  an hour ago

    من طرف ابو ماجيك افقع لايك

  • Substance MakesMusic

    Im a 17 year old producer and i just dropped a travis scott type beat would love to hear your opinions

  • Shivam Patel
    Shivam Patel  an hour ago


  • RighteouSinner
    RighteouSinner  2 hours ago +1

    This is exactly why both Travis and Drake remain at the top of their game. They have both been huge inspirations to me and the reason why I started making Music again. I aspire to make a song with them some day! Mark my words.

  • Brody Flatley
    Brody Flatley  3 hours ago

    I see mgk got a new job sweeping up at astroworld

  • ItzBengal_Playz
    ItzBengal_Playz  4 hours ago +1

    I watched this on my phone, and now it’s a iPad.

  • Ariana Rapelo
    Ariana Rapelo  4 hours ago

    I love this song

  • TennoX90
    TennoX90  4 hours ago

    Teacher- Ok class, settle down! We have a very special guest today to talk to you about fire safety!
    Fireman- Alright boys and girls, what’s one way to put out fire?
    Travis Scott- Pause My music vid “SICKO MODE”

  • Cornealius C
    Cornealius C  4 hours ago

    Effed up for not putting sway-lee in the video. The best bit is his hook. Lol 😂

  • mallkeese
    mallkeese  5 hours ago

    hahaha same old shit

  • joy 29
    joy 29  5 hours ago +1

    I always come back!

  • Rare
    Rare  5 hours ago

    Track of the year ?

  • TOUCHE توشيه
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  • Hammod Hammod
    Hammod Hammod  6 hours ago

    من جاي من عند ابو ماجك