Don't Sledgehammer Your Employee's Expensive Items!!

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 8, 2019
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  • Claire Grant
    Claire Grant  6 months ago +2613

    Heh, if Cory’s iPad still works, he could honestly get the screen fixed. Like so Team Edge can see and Corey can fix his iPad

  • Itz_mindy _:_
    Itz_mindy _:_  5 months ago +947

    6:07 “awww I wish I can film that on my broken iPad” lol 😂😂😂

  • Dontmindme
    Dontmindme  5 months ago +108

    that was so awesome i wish i could've filmed it on my BROKEN IPAD

  • Simon Andersen
    Simon Andersen  2 months ago +221


  • Kate Hansen
    Kate Hansen  5 months ago +157

    what rich people do when they are bored

  • Madison aitken
    Madison aitken  5 months ago +3758

    Don’t press it.....
    You have good luck for the next year but you have to like to activate it

  • Deadmemes deus vult
    Deadmemes deus vult  5 months ago +371

    I'm questioning why no one bought airpods

  • Nicholas Machi
    Nicholas Machi  yesterday +1

    I would have been smart and got a new phone cuz if it cracks I can still replace the screen

  • Cursed Wither
    Cursed Wither  1 months ago +66

    Just ask for a 300 steam gift card... It's a piece of paper.... They can't smash it lol

  • tricia arvin
    tricia arvin  5 months ago +42

    RIP iPad you had a very good life 1min and 30 was the best time of your life and the only time of your life we all loved you
    Cough,cough not

  • Daniel Steven
    Daniel Steven  5 months ago +850

    This is john he’s 0 years old let’s see how old he can get.

  • Fascinating Weirdo
    Fascinating Weirdo  5 months ago +36

    That looks like a murder scene LOL😹

  • justinbebustin
    justinbebustin  2 months ago +18

    overall: joey sucks at letting people have what they want

  • Troy Vernon
    Troy Vernon  5 months ago +9

    I think it sucks for the 2 that got their stuff smashed. I hope they were compensated afterwards so as not to be left out.

  • Little Loner
    Little Loner  6 months ago +614

    " ahhh, wish I could have filmed that on my BROKEN IPAD! "

  • Dot
    Dot  1 months ago +16


  • Bumpin Macoroon
    Bumpin Macoroon  2 months ago +9

    I would just ask for a 500 dollar giftcard 3 times or my top 3 fav giftcards

  • ILikeCatsDogsz YT
    ILikeCatsDogsz YT  5 months ago +12

    I'd get a Nintendo Switch, VR Headset and uhhhhhhh...
    Iphone X?

  • James Carrington
    James Carrington  5 months ago +6

    Team Edge? More Like Team Sledge!

  • Jackson V
    Jackson V  6 months ago +596

    ok youtube I watched it, happy?