Josh Brolin Reads Trump Tweets As Thanos

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 20, 2018
  • 'Sicario: Day of the Soldado' star Josh Brolin reads Trump tweets as Thanos because... 2018.

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  • Nova Raider
    Nova Raider  5 hours ago

    I never knew Thanos was so down to earth

  • Elijah Menchaca
    Elijah Menchaca  16 hours ago

    Not two minutes in this interview has gone completely off the fucking rails.

  • Scott Shields
    Scott Shields  yesterday

    Goonies is still his best work.

  • mizA larzI
    mizA larzI  yesterday

    Thanos was wrong. The universe is infinite.

  • Anthropomorphic facsimile

    Why isn’t he James Bond? Seriously. Also, dude is funny!!! Who knew? 😉😁😎

  • Scarlet Ragneel
    Scarlet Ragneel  2 days ago

    Josh trying to drink from his cup when asked if he can do the Thanos voice gave me anxiety

    I'm totally here for Grandpa Thanos!

  • Felipe Ferreira
    Felipe Ferreira  3 days ago

    Orange man bad

  • S.F Productions
    S.F Productions  5 days ago

    I bet someone took home that half-eaten pretzel!

  • I'm Iron Man
    I'm Iron Man  5 days ago

    Bring me the food or you're gonna be dusted.

  • Love Abaddon
    Love Abaddon  5 days ago

    Wasn't he the one in liberals zombie meme?

  • buckey rank
    buckey rank  5 days ago

    Trump is Duke Nukem not Thanos.

  • Ivy
    Ivy  5 days ago


  • John Cribbs IV
    John Cribbs IV  6 days ago

    Josh Brolin is a asshole in more ways than one being stupid badly bad guys in movies or tv shows no offense to anyone.

  • Yujiro Hanma
    Yujiro Hanma  7 days ago

    8:32 he said this so perfectly and gave a great example to why we should resolve our problems differently and look at them in a different light

  • Lily Dale
    Lily Dale  7 days ago

    Yuk. That guy’s right up himself.

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    I wonder if you can see thanos on cable?

  • Matthew Tamayo
    Matthew Tamayo  7 days ago

    Count the money crystal

  • Mark Drebaum
    Mark Drebaum  7 days ago

    Keep playing cartoon characters bro cause your acting is GARBAGE

  • megapokekid1
    megapokekid1  7 days ago

    Who knew that Brad Walsh could do Thanos impressions?
    Josh Brolin (like Sean Austin) starred in the 1985 movie "The Goonies" He has went from the brother of Mikey to one of the greatest supervillians of all time.

  • Chris Taps
    Chris Taps  7 days ago

    Josh Brolin should of said, Goonies never Die!