Hotel Hell Season 1 Ep.1

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 26, 2013
  • First episode of the show Hotel Hell US with gordon ramsay. I don't own the rights to this.


  • Dylan S
    Dylan S  2 years ago +2566

    We actually don't live in an RV.. we live in a motor coach, which is the higher end.

  • Chris
    Chris  5 months ago +200

    How can you be that snobbish and dress like that

  • larrysbabygirl
    larrysbabygirl  4 months ago +186

    Who else is on a Gordan Ramsey binge

  • zu ko
    zu ko  4 months ago +346

    Ari : excuse me I am the boss !
    Gordon : you can't call yourself the boss if you don't pay them!
    Booyah 🤣🤣

  • No Limit Meen
    No Limit Meen  4 months ago +341

    the door is locked for gordon ramsey but the camera man is already inside

  • KawaiiVictini1
    KawaiiVictini1  2 years ago +3153

    "Gordon wants lunch"
    "What am I supposed to do with this information?" XD

  • still a virgin
    still a virgin  5 months ago +299

    Who else heard Gordon say: ”Teddy Roosevelt died in here? Wow.”

  • Re hope
    Re hope  6 months ago +449

    the owner's face is as punchable as it gets lol

  • bby girl
    bby girl  5 months ago +305

    the sad thing is, if he sold half of his shit, he could’ve kept the inn open n payed the staff. he had too much pride in having the “best and nicest stuff.” everybody suffered. his pride killed the business.

  • 1Man2Dogs Big Family
    1Man2Dogs Big Family  4 months ago +171

    $74!!! I could go to Walmart and have Food for a week with that much money.

  • CynoBon🍍
    CynoBon🍍  2 years ago +485

    She said her last pay check she got was $48. My heart just dropped. And he said relax and unwind. Unwind from what!!!

  • EvilToostieRoll !
    EvilToostieRoll !  6 months ago +422

    The good thing about the chef is that he was honest and he didnt get mad when Gordon judged his food

  • Kiera P
    Kiera P  5 months ago +170

    “...because the snow comes off and kills people.”
    he said that so casually

  • Hazel Lapidario
    Hazel Lapidario  4 months ago +159

    “it goes to another person who orders it...”
    “oh no, I want my other half.” 😂😂

  • Lidia
    Lidia  4 months ago +60

    Incase anyone wanted to know the hotel is now called The Windsor Manor! And reviews say it's wonderful!
    - The owner in this episode apparently lost it and the bank had it in possession until the current owners bought it and turned it into something cool. There's even a Gordon room 😂

  • Lena Redhead
    Lena Redhead  2 years ago +2131

    "I've always thought you should have nice things, if you can afford them"
    Afford is the key word Robert & you're flat broke

  • Christian Perreras
    Christian Perreras  5 months ago +185

    Wtf $48 pay check????!!! I've started my work when I was 13 years old and my first pay check is $300

  • Zombie Player63
    Zombie Player63  4 months ago +68

    Robert looks like a goddamn sexual offender

  • Trevor Phillips Enterprises

    Gordon should have offered the chef the opportunity to get taught professionally and get a good job. He seems responsible(he doesn’t even have to) and willing to learn.

  • Stubbier Ant6064
    Stubbier Ant6064  5 months ago +203

    Me: s n o b e r t ?