Bran's Coma Dream: What Game of Thrones Did Not Show You! - A Song of Ice and Fire (End Game Theory)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 30, 2018
  • Welcome back for another A Song of Ice and Fire video. Today I am breaking down another one of my favorite chapters from the book, A Game of Thrones. After Bran Stark was pushed from the tower window by Jaime Lannister, he was left crippled, and in a coma. Right before he wakes up, he is visited by the Three-Eyed Crow, while he's in a dream. What he is told, and the things he is shown will change his life forever, but what does it all mean? Could any of these reveal how Game of Thrones will end? Bran is able to see everything! He can see the entire realm, and everyone in it. Bran can see Asshai by the Shadow, with dragons stirring under the sunrise. He can see Jon Snow at the Wall, sleeping alone in his bed. The thing that interests me the most is what Bran sees beyond the Wall, in the heart of winter. Bran Stark is shown a thousand other greenseers, impaled upon ice spears, but what does this mean? All of these images terrifies him, but the crow tells him this is why he must live, but Bran doesn't understand. The Three-Eyed Crow then tells Bran, Winter is coming. These are the words of House Stark. They have been saying them ever since the beginning of the story, and I happen to believe it was originally a warning, about the threat that lurks beyond the Wall, the Others. The Starks and the White Walkers have had a strange connection dating all the way back to the Age of Heroes, and I think the secrets, or mysteries surrounding their relationship will continue to unravel as Bran Stark spends more time with Bloodraven in his cave, but let me know what you think. Leave your comments down below. Thank you for watching the video!

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