The Story of... - Game Grumps Animated - by [DR]Animations

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
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  • The Derp Chaos
    The Derp Chaos  a years ago +1554

    Imagine having to read an actual book like that

  • Chi-chi
    Chi-chi  a years ago +1630

    this is one of the most charming GGA's I've seen in a while

    reNINTENDO  a years ago +541

    This animation is absolutely exceptional. The details are amazing, and I absolutely love the way the dialogue was used to form a new narrative. My favorite bit being Dan spilling his drink after laughing so much, realizing what he had done while going to take a sip (interrupting what he was saying in the process), and then leaving to prepare a new one. There are very few Game Grumps Animateds that are on par with this quality, and most don't even come close.

  • BrimstoneBro
    BrimstoneBro  a years ago +281

    Gosh do I love-
    Animations excellently do-
    Arin always being g-
    Dan's lau-

  • SupaNintendoGirl
    SupaNintendoGirl  a years ago +916

    I'm so impressed by the animation. Great work!

  • Gavin
    Gavin  a years ago +533

    This is wholesome

  • Vsauce Puppet
    Vsauce Puppet  a years ago +327

    I love the animation on this! So well done <3

  • Wilfred Cthulu
    Wilfred Cthulu  a years ago +135

    I like the retired boxing gloves on Danny's wall.

  • Ryan Butler
    Ryan Butler  a years ago +49

    Hey I saw that sonic shoe Arin has on. We all know what he’s really wearing underneath the peach outfit

  • Jon Mulney
    Jon Mulney  a years ago +96

    Ooo this animation is smooth

  • Jarl Balgruuf
    Jarl Balgruuf  a years ago +396

    I love this

  • N u g g i e B u d d y
    N u g g i e B u d d y  a years ago +23

    Very fluid moment for the characters. This is a really good animation.

  • Leah 1310
    Leah 1310  a years ago +84

    The birds tho

  • JustToComment
    JustToComment  a years ago +15

    This whole animation gives off such a cute vibe, I just feel like captures exactly what they would act like in real life. Definitely one of my new favorites.

  • Pizza Chef
    Pizza Chef  a years ago +24

    The animation is superb, bit I feel like the background art is just as immaculate.

  • Lyra Linx
    Lyra Linx  a years ago +47

    In love with the style.

  • ACA 987
    ACA 987  a years ago +31

    I'm so glad there's another Paper Mario Game Grumps animated

  • Heiach
    Heiach  a years ago +19

    Wowzer that animation! It was Disney-like!

  • Jordan Jones
    Jordan Jones  a years ago +10

    That soothing (and interrupted) arin exposition voice

  • PikaPunch Gamer
    PikaPunch Gamer  a years ago +21

    Damn these details in the background ^.^ Most impressive