I Found A NASTY Surprise Under My Fast & Furious Lambo's Movie Paint Job (CAN'T GO BACK!)

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 28, 2019
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    Today, the experts at Color Recon have stripped my car to the bare bones and in doing so, have found some pretty bad secrets hiding underneath it all. We also get a ton of work done. This is going to be INSANE!

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  • chuckschilling
    chuckschilling  yesterday

    Lamborghini build quality is unspeakably shoddy. Who knew?

  • John Patz
    John Patz  4 days ago

    I'm not even a care guy, but I love these videos, and seeing how these things are done.

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones  7 days ago

    What TV show is that from

  • SYLperc
    SYLperc  7 days ago

    Too bright, you can always add pigment.
    Too dark, start over..

  • J.
    J.  7 days ago

    $1400 just for 1 gallon of base coat of Lambo orange. This ain't Earl Shive territory anymore folks :D

  • Niño Indigo
    Niño Indigo  14 days ago

    Mega like⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Niño Indigo
    Niño Indigo  14 days ago

    This guy the you have working there is Puertorican right??

  • Insane Gamez
    Insane Gamez  14 days ago

    8:12 what about black face? Jk 😂

  • Cheap Chinese
    Cheap Chinese  21 days ago

    That is a good paint line on the mixing bank And the agitators on the bank mix because the toners and metallic's settle and need to be mixed daily. House of colors has a mix almost like that orange.

  • Cheap Chinese
    Cheap Chinese  21 days ago

    I've painted for almost 25 years and that guy in the booth knows better then to put base on that thick and wet. If he paints your car like that in a few years your going to hate what it looks like. That base will never dry fast enough before the clear went on and will cause solvent pop especially in hot weather. Also are they painting the entire car or just part of it??? If it's the entire car who cares about variance. Just pick the one you want and paint it.

  • UploaderNine
    UploaderNine  21 days ago

    Man if I had the resources I could make some super awesome cars. What a dream, I buy excellent cars and make them more excellent.

  • Car Stewart
    Car Stewart  21 days ago

    So I find myself turning the music all the way off and than back up when someone is taking. Really the music makes me wish I was stuck in a elevator.. better music please, please, please, please, 😁

  • Michigan fan
    Michigan fan  21 days ago

    Movie cars are done as cheap as possible. And the paint is cause it was probably from atleast 5 films

  • GR8119
    GR8119  21 days ago

    Me: Hey, was wondering how much would it cost to repaint my civic because the paint is a bit old.
    Fluffy: Iss gunna coss' you $60,000 and I need to keep it for 4 months....
    Me: Aaight, Imma head out.

  • Justin Shrawder
    Justin Shrawder  21 days ago

    That is very interesting. I never knew it was so complex. Looks like he invested a lot of money into the correct equipment.

  • Handskemager
    Handskemager  21 days ago

    You should have chosen “Ithica Verde” instead, looks amazing on the Murciealgo

  • Mid West
    Mid West  21 days ago

    $44.55 per oz. That's about I'll I could afford. Going to be sic though

  • N/A N/A
    N/A N/A  21 days ago

    You almost have a big boy beard😁🤘

  • dramprar1
    dramprar1  21 days ago

    That steering wheel though...awesome. I just moved to Tampa and need to do the clearless bra on my GT350. I was debating doing it myself or just have a professional. Any suggestions?

  • Young CIO
    Young CIO  21 days ago

    12:04 he is sweating a lot