Horse Approaches Woman In Wheelchair – Moments Later, The Entire Crowd Falls Silent

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • Horse Approaches Woman In Wheelchair – Moments Later, The Entire Crowd Falls Silent

    Lauren Barwick from Canada has loved horses her entire life.
    At a young age, she knew already that she would work with horses in the future.
    But life did not turn out as she had imagined.
    Seventeen years ago, she was working on a ranch that provides the movie industry with horses. One day, a 165-pound bale of hay fell on her, completely breaking her back.
    Lauren was instantly paralyzed from the waist down.
    But she refused for it to stop her dream.
    Today Lauren is a professional horse rider. She might be in a wheelchair, but this is no obstacle for her to continue pursuing her passion.
    Her specialty is dressage and in the clip below you can see how she controls her horse.
    It is clear that she has a great relationship with the horse and they trust each other 100 percent.
    At the end of the clip she gets back up on the horse and invites the audience to a wonderful show.
    Watch for yourself below!
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  • pat gladwell
    pat gladwell  23 days ago

    What wonderful courage and spirit that young lady has, so much love there between her and the horse . She is an inspiration to all disabled and able bodied people .
    God bless her and keep her well and happy .

  • Rick BEHE
    Rick BEHE  1 months ago


  • life as a pet
    life as a pet  2 months ago

    i was WAITING to see the "horse approaches woman in weel chiar and everyone
    falls silent" part?! THINK

  • Neil Perry
    Neil Perry  2 months ago

    Could have done with out the shite horse noises and the poor grammar used in the narration .

    MrAMYJACK  3 months ago

    How does this channel f-up a good story.
    If I was this a bag of horse shit would be going their way.

  • xxwolfie Pusheenxx
    xxwolfie Pusheenxx  3 months ago

    Your sound affects are beyond atrocious!!!😠🤮

  • amsterdamsel
    amsterdamsel  3 months ago

    Interesting story. Translation into English is terrible and robotic. Then, there are those repetitive sounds. The story deserves better than this slap-dash treatment.

  • King Sleepy
    King Sleepy  3 months ago

    The horse noises just makes this video ignorant no matter what the message is

  • Tim Howlingcrane
    Tim Howlingcrane  3 months ago

    Your sound effects are stupid !

  • David Miller
    David Miller  3 months ago

    The sound effects suck

  • Greg McKee
    Greg McKee  3 months ago

    Stay by the phone. Hollywood will be calling regarding your excellent sound effects 👌👍

  • boaterbil
    boaterbil  3 months ago

    Nice story, Sound effects SUCK!

  • Rocío Aguilera
    Rocío Aguilera  3 months ago

    Good for that lady. I work for thoroughbred horsemen. I love those equines

  • Mazz Ozzy
    Mazz Ozzy  3 months ago

    Utter shit

  • 0217ldp
    0217ldp  3 months ago

    I was expecting the horse to lay down next to her so she could get on.

  • Chasing Daisies
    Chasing Daisies  3 months ago

    Great story but enough with the freakin’ sound effects. 🙄🐴🙄

  • Ian Campbell
    Ian Campbell  3 months ago

    Sound effects are a bit patronizing.

  • Crystal Marie Dixon
    Crystal Marie Dixon  3 months ago

    I love the story but we could have done with out the horrible sounds that don't even go with the pictures and it would have been better if it was a video instead of a mess load of still pics. The story really got wrecked with the face sounds and stuff. But I think this women is strong and she teaches everyone no matter what happens to you in life never give up on your dreams. You can do anything if you put your mind to it, so for the story I give it a 9 but for the rest I must say a 3 case they could have done a lot better for this story. I have noticed that they are starting to lack in quality of there videos and I have no clue why. Are they not into it any more?? If that is what is going on then they should shut it down and call it quits. But if they are still wanting to do this channel then they have to do a better job case making crap videos is not going to keep us from not unsubscribing to this channel so U hope in the future they do a better job with there videos.

  • Rose C
    Rose C  3 months ago

    You couldn't just show us the actual video of all that??

    PARASKEVI PATRIKIOY  3 months ago