How police manipulate facial recognition

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 26, 2019
  • Police across the country are using facial recognition to check IDs and find suspects -- but are they using it the right way? A new study from Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy & Technology suggests even good algorithms can be put to bad uses, particularly once police start getting creative with the images.

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  • The Verge
    The Verge  2 months ago +28

    Check out Verge reporter Casey Newton's report about the working conditions of Facebook moderators:

  • Edwin H.
    Edwin H.  a months ago

    Hong Kong has shown you how Surveillance technology will turn into a tool that the police force abuses.
    It is not worth it for a few percents dropped in crime.

  • mangulica moravka
    mangulica moravka  a months ago

    Fitting everybody with an arrest anklet will also increase safety, hey while we're here, let's just hold everyone guilty until proven otherwise, it's interesting how years back when there was the idea of microchipping people huge majority was shocked and refused the idea, but now after years of our brains slowly trained into accepting privacy intrusions and bought off by pretty selfies and promise of a glittering lifestyle , the unprecedented theft of freedom and essential liberty is probably to go smoothly as any slave master's dream

  • Lucas T. C.
    Lucas T. C.  2 months ago

    I really dont get the scandal!

  • Honey Pie
    Honey Pie  2 months ago +2

    Your right to privacy is gone, yet none of you even noticed. Ignorance is bliss, or not.

  • Victor Lazo
    Victor Lazo  2 months ago

    I kept waiting for him to say "we have to look at the Big Picture" but it never happened.

  • Mai Yenish
    Mai Yenish  2 months ago +5

    IF you want to understand the problems..... LOOK AT CHINA's usage!

  • Chiel Epskamp
    Chiel Epskamp  2 months ago +3

    The title should rather be: The moral problem of the police and tech

  • Foo S.
    Foo S.  2 months ago +4

    Another very good reason not to support Amazon.

  • Feynman981
    Feynman981  2 months ago

    That‘s why America is so degenerated! In Europe, Citizens take it easy when the police stops them. Usually it‘s a regular Smalltalk with showing the ID and some Blabla. Totally harmless, you don‘t even care. But hosts like you spread the fear of events like this - making them the worst thing that can happen to you. It‘s sad. Why you promote resistance against police stoppings which leads to people get killed?

  • Irfan
    Irfan  2 months ago

    talked about algorithm and to be honest to make one algorithm you have to do so much work... algorithms are not easy to make as you just said ..

  • Bandit
    Bandit  2 months ago

    I'm all for it as a person that doesn't break the law
    If we knew who did what and where they were, crime would drop dramatically
    we are already on camera when we shop for food,clothing,furniture,electronics etc
    if the option to know if a dangerous person was near you, your spouse or your kids we'd take it

  • AppleTricks
    AppleTricks  2 months ago +4

    Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, Technology is not bad but how it is used, that is the problem.

  • moumous
    moumous  2 months ago +2

    Premise of all is that Police can be a danger and an enemy in the US

  • MikeWard1701
    MikeWard1701  2 months ago +3

    When you have for-profit prisons, you can no longer work under the presumption that the law enforcement and judicial system is impartial and fair. Cops, judges, everyone in the law enforcement and judicial machine is tasked with feeding the capitalist beast. Cops will have stop/search and arrest quotas, judges will have sentencing quotas, parole boards will have approval/denial targets. All aspects of the system will be gamed to ensure a steady flow of inmates to keep the cellblocks full. For-profit prisons are the reason the US incarcerates more people per head of population than any other nation on earth.

  • tommy wong
    tommy wong  2 months ago +1

    China has been using it for ages

  • theinvisiibilitycloak
    theinvisiibilitycloak  2 months ago +5

    n e g a t i v e c o m m e n t

  • V3RM1LI0N
    V3RM1LI0N  2 months ago +4

    the feds are not to be trusted with nothin

  • Noelle Mattison
    Noelle Mattison  2 months ago

    Love vids with this guy!

  • Justin Huynh
    Justin Huynh  2 months ago +6

    Yes, it is dual use technology. Most of the advances are coming out of Stanford and other top schools, and getting published basically for the public to see. Then you see these systems popping up in China for surveillance on their own people and on ethnic minoritites. Be careful. Very careful.