Samsung Odyssey Z: Full Feature Tour

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 10, 2018
  • Take gaming to its ultimate height with the new Odyssey Z. Its ultra-thin design is optimized for hardcore gameplay with advanced graphics, speedy memory, and an innovative cooling system.

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  • Jhon castaño
    Jhon castaño  2 months ago

    Hola tengo ese portátil y quiero saber si acepta un SSD convencional o un HDD convencional, adicionalmente cuánta ram se le puede instalar y si la ram está soldada o es de fácil acceso.

  • Don Kaveen
    Don Kaveen  3 months ago

    1060? why not rtx ?

  • Alex _A_C_A____________________ツ

    reviews arent that good but i dont care, this, THIS is my next computer, my S8 did not dissapoint me, even after year and 4 months of use...


  • Veeravalli Venu
    Veeravalli Venu  4 months ago

    Kani SUPERB laptop

  • Veeravalli Venu
    Veeravalli Venu  4 months ago

    Design bagole

  • Mr forza 57
    Mr forza 57  6 months ago

    Wow now heres what i was looking for. No more searching...just wait to the Z version and then buy it

    Its perfect it has de nvidia 1060 and core i 7 of 8th generation just great!!!surely samsung gets a place on gaming laptops bussiness

  • Bayi Imut
    Bayi Imut  8 months ago

    Kalau di indonesia berapa harga nya yak?

  • Norma Bernales
    Norma Bernales  9 months ago

    what team are you samsung or apple

  • 제이슨신
    제이슨신  10 months ago

    This is way overpriced for what its made out of.

  • LongIslandADED
    LongIslandADED  10 months ago

    Can i plug a ps4 pro to it ?

  • warsshan
    warsshan  11 months ago

    I own the first gen Odyssey and I must say its a very average laptop, I only bought it cos I got a great deal on it. $800 for 7700HQ 16G ram 1050 4G

  • levoxten.
    levoxten.  a years ago


  • session 47
    session 47  a years ago

    Super Mario Odyssey

  • Marshmello Alditore 3.0

    @Samsung please send me one

  • Marwan Ayman
    Marwan Ayman  a years ago

    one of the worst trailers i've ever seen

  • Robert Robert
    Robert Robert  a years ago

    wow !!

  • Simon Cheng
    Simon Cheng  a years ago

  • Sumeda De Silva
    Sumeda De Silva  a years ago


  • Thiago Souza
    Thiago Souza  a years ago

    Really? The design could be so much better