#RavensMailbag: Can Ravens Keep Matthew Judon and Marcus Peters?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 13, 2019
  • How can the Ravens slow down the Texans offense? Will we see more of the 'Heisman Package' this season?

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  • Micheal Judon
    Micheal Judon  1 months ago

    Big cuz!!

  • Brian Fike
    Brian Fike  2 months ago

    Judon is easier to replace

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis  2 months ago +1

    Where's the full episode?

  • Jeff James
    Jeff James  2 months ago

    The way you slow down Watson is to treat him just like Brady keep him off the field easy! Run the ball :)

  • aaron spencer
    aaron spencer  2 months ago

    Dang......I'm split but I think judon is hard to come by

  • e clay
    e clay  2 months ago +2

    Judon is and will be a solid comp pic
    He has played good but nothing special
    Between the penalties /going up against not great tackles, we will talk about the qb hurries not the sacks.
    Judon has been OK, but not worth the money he will get on the open market, and if he is smart he will want to hit the open market this close to the end Of season.
    With our cap we can get a better player than judon (fact)
    Marcus Peters paired with pro bowl Marlon Humphrey a tandom like this don't come around to often
    Remember this is still a passing league
    Pay MP get a FA edge
    Draft an edge let j. Ferg train up
    Spend the rest of our cap on
    Resigning our players
    To easy Edc

  • RetroPG
    RetroPG  2 months ago

    Keep Peters, you can get pass rushers anytime

  • Lion Thomas
    Lion Thomas  2 months ago

    I think the NFL is letting KAP come back because They see what Lamar can do and they know KAP is very similar...... So one of those owners want him I guess we have to wait and see

  • Lion Thomas
    Lion Thomas  2 months ago

    Stanley is number one priority LT gets paaaaiiid

  • Michael sardelis
    Michael sardelis  2 months ago

    Keep in mind. We can get rid of Smith and carr. We still have young for dB. I know it sucks to have to get rid if people but there’s no way. If Peters keeps having this type of season we need to keep him. Judon is an average olb. If he asks for too much he is going to have to walk. It sucks but ravens need to stay clear of just resigning personalities.

  • Mike T.
    Mike T.  2 months ago

    We need to keep #24!

  • Bo Life Network
    Bo Life Network  2 months ago

    Keep Peters..we're a linebacker factory..we can make another one

  • Spencer Dye
    Spencer Dye  2 months ago +1

    Love Judon but id rather get Peters back

  • Ace Squad Fillms
    Ace Squad Fillms  2 months ago

    I Love The Impact That Peters Has Made Since He’s Been Here I Really Do But Ppl Plzz Understand He Is On His 3rd Team In 5 Years If U Watch His Interviews From Other Places He’s A Live-wire At Times I Understand Ppl Can Chance But We Have To Go Off Experience At This Point & Tbh Judon Has Been A Very Solid Player For Us Since He’s Been On The Team Understand He’s Getting The Right Pressure On QB’s But Without Good Hell On The Other End It’s Going To Be Hard To Actually Get The The QB Because O-Iines Only Have To Scheme For One Rusher Come On REAL Football Fans Understand What I’m Saying But I Hope We Can Ultimately Keep Both That Would Be CUTCH‼️

  • Jace Woods
    Jace Woods  2 months ago

    Judon then Marlon first priority period

  • Sang Nguyen
    Sang Nguyen  2 months ago

    I like to keep both we have to go all in on our team

  • Rex GameWell
    Rex GameWell  2 months ago +1

    Judon is goofy and doesn't take his job seriously!

  • Nicholas Caljean
    Nicholas Caljean  2 months ago

    Don't forget about the franchise tag. We actually have cap room to use it if need be.

  • Deborah 78.
    Deborah 78.  2 months ago +2

    Ravens have a tendency to let go of good players after their better seasons. But also they let go of really good players for terrible ones, and it comes back to bite the team later.

    Good example was in 2009, when they dropped Matt Stover for
    Stephen Hauscka, (👈 a mediocre kicker at best). Colts picked up Stover, and they lost that Colts/Ravens game to them (the same season) on a Stover field goal.

    I hope they don't make the same mistake with these players after this season ends...

  • A_Train W
    A_Train W  2 months ago +3

    Contain Hopkins and this game should be cake in my opinion no Watt Clowney a Seahawk they have no pass rush or defense