Samsung Galaxy A70 vs Galaxy S10 Plus - Speed Test!

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 3, 2019
  • Samsung Galaxy A70 vs Galaxy S10 Plus speed test. Epic Mid Range vs Flagship speed test just how much capable a 2019 midrange phone is vs the Flagship. Let's find out!

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  • Adam Greaves
    Adam Greaves  16 hours ago

    So tbh there about the same speed so the reason yo pay for s10 is the extra camera and the on screen finger print both phones look nice i hardly see the point in paying out for flagship shit when the make mid range phones as good

  • Lemonade Master
    Lemonade Master  19 hours ago

    Still relevant September 2019?

  • Chance the gamer

    Does it have wireless charging and charge sharing

  • May Mod
    May Mod  yesterday

    Hey can someone tell me why in my a70 the picture in the front camera is so disturbed

  • el patron
    el patron  yesterday +1

    How about pubg does it have any lag?

  • Jenny Jerome
    Jenny Jerome  yesterday

    Great comparison! The A series are excellent value for money. Well done Samsung! You have something for all pockets and desires! Remember, it is not always about not being able to afford the latest. For some it is what do I value spending my money on eg phone or house/car/holiday/bike/family, etc. AND what do I use my phone for? Who cares if it loads a second faster in all the speed tests if I don't use it for gaming but for average usage? No-one would know without the speed test comparison and we are not talking of a 10 second difference!

  • Princess Bea Miqué-Cabañéz

    I was going to buy the S10+, but settled with A70 instead. It's almost just as good as the S10+, just way cheaper.

  • Robert Browning
    Robert Browning  2 days ago

    It's would help the display look and response time if you would clean the screens, especially the A 70 it's covered in fingerprints haha

  • Mr. Salt
    Mr. Salt  2 days ago

    Oh so if this is s10 plus and I want a s10e should I get it or the a70

  • muhammad ikhsan
    muhammad ikhsan  3 days ago

    Hey bro you are so handsome ..really im not lying

  • ᴄʀɪᴍsᴏɴ ʙᴀᴅᴀssTM TM


  • Lonely Tuber - Roblox & More!

    I love my a70 and who also love's the a70?

  • stsr11
    stsr11  4 days ago

    Modern phones are too big.

  • Ashcalon13
    Ashcalon13  7 days ago

    pls compare a70 and a90 5g :)

  • iplayloud2
    iplayloud2  7 days ago

    The screen has less color saturation on the A70 right?

  • Brandon D B
    Brandon D B  7 days ago

    I am a proud A70 user 😋

  • Alan Salihi
    Alan Salihi  7 days ago

    1:48 The Galaxy S10+ offers you two degrees warmer temperature and much clearer skies for the same location :D

  • Haseeb Rehman
    Haseeb Rehman  7 days ago

    You forgot to check 8k Image Resolution in Adobe PS

  • Mj Ralts
    Mj Ralts  7 days ago

    Just watchin in a 70 phone

  • Joessepi Rangel
    Joessepi Rangel  7 days ago

    I just got so lucky just got the s10 plus for 520