ScHoolboy Q - CrasH Talk ALBUM REVIEW

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 1, 2019
  • Listen: Talk sounds strangely dated and is a disappointingly safe effort from Q following Blank Face.More rap reviews: this album if you dig it: site: http://theneedledrop.comTND Twitter: Facebook: TND: TRACKS: TALES, 5200, FLOATING, DIE WITH EM, WATERLEAST FAV TRACK: CHOPSTIXSCHOOLBOY Q - CRASH TALK / 2019 / TDE / TRAP RAP, WEST COAST HIP HOP5/10Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?


  • Camilo Pedrero  1 months ago

    Did you really have to crip walk throughout the whole video?

  • No more Man Dead  28 days ago

    @Borris Backyardigan r/wooosh

  • kj cook  1 months ago


  • DeezNutty  1 months ago

    Your negative review is definitely influenced by the fact that you're a member of the 9 Trey Bloods. You ain't slick.

  • Carlos XXXIX Empire  1 months ago


  • Pucci Mane  1 months ago


  • Sammie Juwon  1 months ago

    Chopstix is the worst Travis Scott feature EVER

  • Robert Gaskill  4 days ago

    Nope. Celebrate is

  • xxxTennisballs  8 days ago

    @Jasper Kamerer At least he said more than one word in those songs. Chopstix isnt remotely catchy and champions -while still a shit song- has better performances throughout the entire cast including travis' part. At least with that song he didnt need to rap because it had like 4 features. In this song he is the only feature and all he says is chopstix.You could record travis saying Chopstix once, then remix that over and over again to get this hook

  • Space_Bound  1 months ago

    This album was kinda disappointing. I loved Blank Face and I was so excited to hear what came next from Q. But this ain't it. Nowhere near as exciting, unpredictable, and gritty as Oxymoron and Blank Face

  • Casey Wilder  5 days ago

    Facts. Just a weird unwanted sound.

  • Josh August  18 days ago

    totally agree. major letdown, just feels super half baked like an old mixtape.

  • sebu  1 months ago

    Yeah, we kinda saw this coming. :(

  • baole58  20 days ago

    @prominder9100 LOL?! I've already forgotten that the album exists.

  • prominder9100  20 days ago

    Trust me the more you listen, the better tmit gets and the more you stop comparing it to black face

  • Harold Kumar  1 months ago

    Geez melon, you didn't have to say you hope he "crashes" so he can never "talk" again.

  • Nasty Valenzuela  1 months ago


  • coconut head  1 months ago


  • Darek Alfaro  1 months ago

    lmaooo even fantano understands that lil baby verse was hard probably his hardest

  • Darek Alfaro  1 months ago

    @xxxtensioncord fat agree

  • xxxtensioncord  1 months ago

    @Eb Trax 21 is on a different level to most trap rappers, doesn't mean Baby's verse was trash.

  • Marcel John  1 months ago

    I actually really enjoyed this album. I disagree

  • Austin Cotmon  26 days ago

    I fuck with this album I feel like I’m listening to a happier version of Q

  • Griffin Riebel  27 days ago

    I agree with your disagreement as well. Chopstix and numb numb juice were the only two that I can’t get into partially because they’ve been overplayed on radio

  • giggity goochers  1 months ago

    Why a 5 when my beautiful face is on there

  • giggity goochers  8 days ago

    Sharif AlSaad I wouldn’t be active but maybe you could make one

  • Sharif AlSaad  8 days ago

    @giggity goochers should we make another sub Reddit for pictures that apply?

  • Onestrandedperson  1 months ago

    Damn. Now I can’t like this album anymore.

  • A black muthafucka  1 months ago

    Isnt his best,nor his 2nd best,but isn't his worst too, I'd say its better than habits and contradictions, I ain't saying its bad its just q has good albums.

  • Asa Perkins  1 months ago

    So u a follower? Bet