Restoration 1992 GMC Truck

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 2, 2016
  • This is project Underdog. A 1992 GMC truck restoration project that my son and I did. It is a 6.5 Turbo Diesel with 300,000 original miles on it. Took about 11 months to complete, now we are installing a custom stereo system with two JL 13tw5's, Focal speakers in the doors, JL HD amps and an Alpine head unit. We did everything except the new glass installation. Its new again. Hope you enjoy the video.Stereo Install:


  • nomad1645
    nomad1645  2 years ago +166

    i love to see older trucks fixed to like new condition again, awesome.

  • Whispered Metsutan
    Whispered Metsutan  2 years ago +169

    That's really cool, trucks today cost at least $30k, it's always cheaper to replace stuff than to buy something new, plus it looks like a brand new truck right off the lot :).

  • ricky weaver
    ricky weaver  2 years ago +308

    nice job she's ready for another 15-20 years of work I like the early 90s Chevy/GMC trucks

  • RunningMan
    RunningMan  3 years ago +219

    Beautiful job bro! I'm glad a person like you saw new life at an old work truck instead of the scrap yard. I want to do this to my s-10 someday

  • silver storm
    silver storm  2 years ago +9

    The 1988-98 trucks got special place in my heart :)

    MNTRUCKLORD  2 years ago +40

    At first i thought this was just going to he a quick fix paint video but no, y'all took your time and did everything right! Bed, chassis transmission GREAT WORK GUYS!

  • Scott Long
    Scott Long  2 years ago +85

    You and your son did a great job on this truck. I want to restore a truck or muscle car with my son when he's almost old enough to drive. I figure it will teach him how to work on things himself, it will make great memories for the both of us, and he will respect it more than if I just buy him a car and give it to him. I wish my dad would have done something like this for me but luckily when I was in high school I took auto shop and all my friends were gear heads so I learned that way. Maybe I'll give him my 91 GMC 1500 if I still have it by then. Or I can let him pick a vehicle that he likes and we can fix it up together.

  • dohcmotor69
    dohcmotor69  2 years ago +10

    Good job grandma didn't look to happy tho...

  • Drive Chevy's
    Drive Chevy's  a years ago +9

    Today's technology in trucks is nice but I still think they are better built in the 90s

  • ***Classified***
    ***Classified***  3 years ago +58

    I've noticed that the white trucks made from 88-94 really have issues with peeling down the sides like yours did. Anyway, it looks amazing! You might try pressure washing the carpet out of the truck too. It makes a HUGE difference. I've done it in just about every vehicle of mine, and I'm always satisfied with the results. Even if it looks clean, tons of crap will come out when you pressure wash it.

  • Brian Chapman
    Brian Chapman  11 months ago +7

    Back when GM made a good truck

  • Red Hester
    Red Hester  2 years ago +30

    good job, not many people your age have the patience for a job like that.

  • Jeff D
    Jeff D  2 years ago +9

    Awesome job. You have a brand new truck. Congratulations

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts  2 years ago +15

    Good job man, it makes me happy to see younger kids learning how to do this stuff and taking pride in their work. I add a leveling kit on the front and call it a day. Looks good buddy!

  • Brian
    Brian  2 years ago +9

    Would've been a different story if it was a northern car (say like Michigan) you would've had a lot of rust to deal with. Good job tho and your lucky it wasn't rusty!!

  • Austin L.
    Austin L.  2 years ago +32

    Thanks, I feel old as fuck now....... 1992 restoration project. Well done by the way, excellent work. Looks brand new.

  • Richard Cline
    Richard Cline  3 years ago +10

    The paint on my late wife's '90 Olds Calais did the same thing. I had taken it down to the car wash to clean it with the intentions of detailing it and surprising her. The paint looked perfectly normal until the water hit it and it all started peeling off in big pieces! Needless to say, she was NOT a happy lady. Luckily, there was a recall on the paint for those years and the dealer repainted it for free. It never did really look right after that, though. The paint they had to use just would not shine like the old paint did. I sold the car a year or so after she suddenly died of cancer (three weeks from diagnosis to passing) and I still felt terrible that it happened She loved that little car. GM may have had the right intentions but they certainly did NOT know what they were doing when they came up with that idea.

  • Antonio Palafox
    Antonio Palafox  2 years ago +52

    awesome work!! my daughter and I are working on a 1991 454ss, she's 6 and she drags me to the garage to be productive on it. I told her it's hers so she made sure I put it in her name cause I'm always selling or trading rides, she's 6!!

  • Cocoa Cabana
    Cocoa Cabana  2 years ago +80

    wow ... you did a great job ... i like the front bumper & headache rack

  • Phillip Stinchcomb
    Phillip Stinchcomb  2 years ago +27

    very nice. tons of hard work, but worth it in the end.