THE SACRED RIANA WINS ASIA'S GOT TALENT 2017 | All Auditions & Performances | Got Talent Global

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 15, 2017
  • Freaky Ring Girl Winner of Asia's Got Talent 2017 The Sacred Riana! Re-live all the creepy, scary and terrifying auditions and performances on Asia's Got Talent.What did you think about the illusionist's scary auditions?? Were they the scariest you'd ever seen? Was she the right winner? Let us know in the comments below.. Watch more Asia's Got Talent season 2:▶︎ Subscribe to Got Talent Global:▶︎ Watch more Got Talent Global videos:▶︎ Facebook:▶︎ Twitter:▶︎ Instagram: Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world. #gottalent #talent #gottalent #talent #gottalent #talent


  • Tirah
    Tirah  a years ago +11316

    She won because they were scared of what might happen if they didn't pick her. 😂

  • XxPotato PlayzXx
    XxPotato PlayzXx  14 days ago +3992

    Who’s watching this in August 2019?
    No just me.....
    I’m all alone 😭😅

  • CookieMaster
    CookieMaster  7 days ago +1312

    Who is better
    Like = Sacred Riana
    Comment = Magician

  • 사유리Sayuri
    사유리Sayuri  14 days ago +1164

    wHoS wAtChiNg tHiS aT 2019? JuSt mE oK...

  • Eshaal Zehri
    Eshaal Zehri  yesterday +39

    Welcome to the comments ur safe here my friends!!!!!

  • Isabelle Wagner
    Isabelle Wagner  14 days ago +619

    Riana: scare judges
    :judges aaaaa
    :audience hahahaha
    :Riana flips hair
    :Edit wow i never got dis much likes ushally i get 0 but if im lucky i get 1

  • SpiderLily726
    SpiderLily726  14 days ago +388

    She likes to scare anggun this is how many times she
    wants to scare her

  • Ariana_ playz
    Ariana_ playz  yesterday +5

    demons can not cross into our planet
    Me: clearly they can

  • asterix811
    asterix811  7 days ago +164

    Never heard of her before today.
    “What is your greatest fear?”
    Was expecting him to say “right now, you.”

  • Joseph Mataba
    Joseph Mataba  12 hours ago +3

    Don't look outside your window while watching this, you'll see

  • Kirby Florendo
    Kirby Florendo  14 days ago +265

    But why august 2019
    Because its ghost month

  • Muhammad hamza Fazil
    Muhammad hamza Fazil  yesterday +2

    This girl is so rude. may be lost her tongue same where😂.

  • Maple Baples
    Maple Baples  14 days ago +210

    I’ve never been so great full for ads😂

  • Leeya Wani
    Leeya Wani  2 months ago +10398

    This is how many time she flipped her hair

  • Robert  Dean
    Robert Dean  6 days ago +107

    Riana is perfect for a live action Yandere-Chan movie lol

  • felipe ramos
    felipe ramos  3 days ago +19

    Quem veio assistir a Rainha do Terror em 2019?

  • Sham Devan
    Sham Devan  3 hours ago +2

    That was soo scary Raina welldone but I am s s scared 😱

    FABJANO MARKU  14 days ago +366

    If you don't like this coment riana is going to come at you're house so make sure you like this coment ::

  • Subarnarekha Adhikary
    Subarnarekha Adhikary  7 days ago +35

    All Jay Park does is wetting his pant during watching magic of Riana?

  • K-POP _ Miru
    K-POP _ Miru  6 days ago +43

    Jay Park is ... cute, handsome,good at music...What can't he do? Don't be scared by Riana😏