Rafa Nadal vs Sam Querrey Wimbledon 2019 quarter-final highlights

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019
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  • Guifré Vidal  6 days ago

    It's funny that in the semifinal of roland garros I deeply thought we had to enjoy the match because it could have been the last Fedal we would see. These guys are another kind of player, just one month and here we go again. Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy every minute of the semifinal that is coming, it's absolute history of all sports.

  • Lukas Bergqvist  6 days ago

    Almost 3 minutes highlights? What a shame. Stop being lazy Wimbledon!

  • Mithun VK  6 days ago

    Three things happened today 1-I started watching this highlights2-I blinked my eyes3-The video ended.

  • Nazha El goual  4 days ago

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  • Nazha El goual  4 days ago

    @Manav Chauhan nx kxnkx nx n jx jx jxxnxnjxjxj

  • DavidGolder  6 days ago

    Don't be so generous with the highlights, guys. Reduce them some more.

  • sai_clops  6 days ago

    looks like rafa had an answer to all of querrey's queries ! wait what.?

  • Irene9783  5 days ago

    It doesn't look like, it was like that!!!😃

  • music 2019  5 days ago


  • salah sensei  6 days ago

    Less than 3 minutes highlights. Bravo Wimbledon bravo 👏👏👏I think the semifinals will be less than two minutes

  • Mayjaplaya  6 days ago

    salah sensei It's called "Flip Flappers"Quick story, I actually sent an artist a custom request in the finest Google Translate Japanese through their suggestion box and the madman actually did it and this was the result. I believe he's @soooo_u on Twitter.

  • The Only Reason I started to watch tennis 12 years ago and the reason is right.....!!What a Player best of all tym....!!

  • Siamak Afshar  6 days ago

    Wimb's authorities do their best to demoralise Nadal this year. His response has been demolishing so far

  • Hong Long Vo  3 days ago

    @Sandesh Pandit Dominated ??? Lmfao, he only won one out of 7 last matches and just got destroyed again

  • Hong Long Vo  3 days ago

    @Ege Tavsanci Guess who is the dumbass now

  • A R  6 days ago

    If Rafa plays at today's level for two more matches, he would win the tournament.

  • Hong Long Vo  3 days ago

    @Chris M See the result expert ?? All those bullshits and he just got destroyed by Fed again, just like he always did outside RG since his lost in 2017

  • SRINIVAS VANGALA  6 days ago

    If willpower has a mind and body it's nadal

  • kirank777  4 days ago

    @SRINIVAS VANGALA hmm, lets seefor me even if he doesnt win a single title from now, he is the greatest fighter:))

  • SRINIVAS VANGALA  5 days ago

    @kirank777 Nadal is a Civilized Beast I strongly believe that he will end up as the GOAT with most grand slams