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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • Huawei overtakes Apple to become number 2 smartphone vendor in Q2 2018 - SOME MORE VIDEOS...How is this thing even real?? VERY skeptical of this smartphone "enhancement"...'s In My Gadget Bag Right Now? RESPONDS Surprising Truth About The iPhone X… The 2018 MacBook Pro Hot Garbage? Smartphone Do I Actually Use? Unique Smartphone Is Fat For A Reason... NOT Buy The BlackBerry KEY2 What A $4200 Smartphone Looks Like... Switching To The Blackberry KEY2... Next iPhone Will Be HUGE! Smartphone Changes Everything... Mind Blowing ROG Gaming Smartphone 5 Most Unusual Phones In The World... RGB Gaming Smartphone is Here... 6 Unboxing - Is This The One? ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup You Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9? True All-Screen Smartphone is Here... TRUTH About Smartphones in 2018 Biggest Fortnite Gaming Setup! Weirdest Phones In The World... Coolest Smartphone You'll Never Touch... Switching To The Samsung Galaxy S9 Most Expensive iPhone I've Ever Seen... Limited Smartphone You Never Knew Existed... Almost All-Screen Smartphone... SECRET SMARTPHONE DELIVERY The World's Smallest Phone Buy The iPhone X ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATESTwitter - - - Plus -


  • Unbox Therapy  11 months ago

    What's your next smartphone?

  • Adam Khan  1 months ago

    Samsung s8 plus

  • Marathon Man  1 months ago

    Huawei or LG !

  • Ryan Neate  9 months ago

    If you are going to buy Huawei drop a like

  • Francoise Hembert  1 months ago

    I am looking at the P 20. It has the fingerprint reader at the front.

  • Mari lominashvili  1 months ago

    I already have huawei:)

  • Deborah.o.a  10 months ago

    Here are my Huawei fans?

  • Lara Primke  13 hours ago

    Huawei mate 20 😁😁

  • Daher al taher  10 days ago

    Huawei y9!

  • Tiny Masterpiece  10 months ago

    I tried iphone and huawei.. Im not gonna lie huawei is simple, powerful and also cheap!

  • Fanina HD  19 days ago

    @Mick Carson because you have s huawei from 2010

  • Charmy Green  1 months ago

    @SciMaCalculus Peta i have dropped my phone ALOT I mean ALOT and it still works fine no cracks

  • Oerman  9 months ago

    I own a Huawei and don't think I'll change any time soon :)

  • #JŮNÌOŔ  14 days ago

    Good for u

  • anton  1 months ago

    this didnt age well

  • R S  9 months ago

    Apple will copy Huawei mate 20 pro innovation next edition 😆

  • Danyal Atiq  1 months ago

    No it will copy it whole

  • Justin Y's Ghost  2 months ago

    @TheEvilOyo almost all phone is from china. U dumm?

  • Seven Words Music  8 months ago

    I'm amazed... USA wasn't about freedom? xD And you can't even buy a Huawei...

  • Carlos  10 days ago

    @ZEEP_ 15 well, unless you put the Sim card that was in your old phone you can't have data or make any calls

  • Danica Sauter  10 months ago

    Huawei makes some of the best phones ever, it's a shame that the US tries to cover them up and not sell them

  • Endie - kun  6 days ago

    @Carlos Maybe

  • Carlos  10 days ago

    @俞童 we have many choices

  • silversurfergw  6 months ago

    If can't beat them.. lock up their CFO.

  • Timothy Gibbens  1 months ago

    Only companies that are already in the failing process behave like this, Apple is dead and the USA with it!

  • Sammy  2 months ago

    shame for USA!

  • Switchup  11 months ago

    It's not hard to beat Apple anymore, they care more about making money than making a decent product

  • Lightning Strike  25 days ago

    wrong, many people are stuck in the ecosystem, or they are apple fans and super loyal, or they think apple its part of pop culture to showcase their wealth, or they just don't know about other phones that much and since their environment is all iPhone users they buy iPhone automatically without thinking

  • Marathon Man  1 months ago

    Apple is dead !