Egg in a Hole - You Suck at Cooking (episode 18)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 16, 2015
  • Prescription:►► more ambitious:►► ran out of time trying to make the thing I wanted to make so made something dumb and short instead.


  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones  3 years ago +2281

    Do you mind shortening your videos? This one too way too long. Thanks :)

  • アルピー
    アルピー  3 years ago +2304

    Your eggs never got to say goodbye! You broke your one rule :(

  • Noiz
    Noiz  2 years ago +933

    this video is too long clearly this channel has become corrupt and is using extreme video length to generate more money, unsubbed blocked reported >:(

  • Carter
    Carter  3 years ago +744

    The chocolate break is the most important part.

  • Shannon Green
    Shannon Green  3 years ago +1575

    We called these "eggies in a nest" when I was growing up. Not eggs. Eggies. My mom would use a juice glass to make the hole in the bread. Clearly you used a broken beer bottle because your hole looks like a gaping exit wound. Don't take it personally.

  • Keş Orangutan
    Keş Orangutan  3 years ago +385

    He dissed how to basic

  • rchcc122
    rchcc122  3 years ago +795

    When I first watched this I thought it looked so good so I actually made it myself. But I added cheese on both sides and basil. It's sooo yummy.

  • Gittons Xv
    Gittons Xv  3 years ago +221

    what a complex and thoughtful recipe.

  • Adam Onishi
    Adam Onishi  3 years ago +323

    Omg good jobb on The script on this one i really likes The part when you Said

  • Chase
    Chase  3 years ago +76

    This is like How To Basic but without the LSD.

  • Tatsang Wang
    Tatsang Wang  3 years ago +136

    this kinda reminds to basic...

  • Lucy Zaug
    Lucy Zaug  3 years ago +59

    How much pepper pepper pepper was that

  • glitterspectacle
    glitterspectacle  3 years ago +41

    My mom called this "egg in a nest" when I was a kid. Isn't that cute?

  • DongExpansionPak
    DongExpansionPak  3 years ago +69

    Someone's gotta show this to Howtobasic

  • Chrissy Mitchell
    Chrissy Mitchell  3 years ago +21

    Such brilliant artistry. I laughed, I cried. I loved. Well done, I say. Well done!

  • Pamela Idontknowyou
    Pamela Idontknowyou  3 years ago +21

    LOL Omg, I got so confused when it skipped at the beginning, I thought I accidentally skipped.

  • Nike INC.
    Nike INC.  2 years ago +37

    I made this and I over cooked it and it was all dry so then I added a shitload of habanero sauce and it was really spicy so now I have a stomach ache

  • Catherine Zheng
    Catherine Zheng  3 years ago +13

    The fast-paced video and mentioning of eggs slightly reminded me of HowToBasic. I feel like he created this second channel to act more sane.

  • harley mama
    harley mama  3 years ago +59

    why in the hell did you break the yolk?!?!?! i see an egg overthrow in your future!!!!!!

  • Maverick Pertanix
    Maverick Pertanix  3 years ago +22

    How To Basic collab on this one? lol