24/7 lofi hip hop radio - smooth beats to study/sleep/relax

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 27, 2017


  • I hope she passes her exam.

  • Lisa W.  a months ago

    @NIGGASAKI123 two werewolf kids most of all

  • daniel yanez  1 months ago

    @Blurred More like 1 year

  • Wiggu Pigeon  1 months ago

    Who else came here after seeing an alt vid about the lofi girl stabbing herself

  • Ano Nymous  a months ago


  • -SKY- of Wonderland  a months ago

    She didn't stab herself though. She dropped it before she could

  • Sofea  1 months ago

    You’ll be okay, Study Girl. Graduate for me.

  • Jomm.-.  3 months ago

    The clip is from the movie *Wolf Children*would recommend to watch

  • squidney  1 months ago

    Shauna W there’s gogoanime.io that might have it

  • reasonablycalmdisco  1 months ago

    So ffucking good, though. Damn.

  • Unjo Gratis  5 months ago

    Is it possible for you to do a 20 hour version? The video is great but its becoming increasingly annoying to have to constantly press the replay button every 10 hours to the point that its distracting me from my studying.

  • Dude, just appreciative with what you have, it's hard making videos like these

  • ilyiu  29 days ago

    The fact people didn’t catch this was a joke sends 💀

  • NymNeves  1 years ago

    Don't scroll down and go study ! You can do it ! *I belive in you !*

  • Griselda Galindo  26 days ago

    Tank Q

  • Malia Seijo  29 days ago

    Your Mom if you use your time and knowledge wisely it doesn’t.

  • 제닌리지  1 months ago

    She literally studied for 10 hours and i study for like 3 minutes-

  • beomgyuied  1 months ago

    lmao I just flip through the pages then I'm done

  • Peachycow  8 months ago

    I have insomnia and actually FELL ASLEEP TO THIS💖💗💝

  • annebutnotreally  1 months ago

    I feel you, it helps so much

  • btstrash101  2 months ago


  • just a chemical  a months ago

    There's our Study Girl. It's okay, Study Girl. You can do this. You'll make it through I promise

  • S1NK  3 months ago

    Your mission here is complete... You finally have done your homework, thanks now go to sleep.. see you in another night