Bubble Gum Blowing Battle | Dude Perfect

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 19, 2015
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  • ja Justin Andrews
    ja Justin Andrews  2 years ago +2729

    this is coby😀
    he never gets a win
    1 like =1 win

  • Roberts Gaming
    Roberts Gaming  2 months ago +1709

    2 0 1 9
    S U M M E R ?
    A U G U S T ?

  • The Joesma
    The Joesma  2 months ago +637

    Coby is the Chandler of Dude Perfect
    Edit: Ik Coby has won once but I mean MOST OF THE TIME THEY LOSE
    Their jaw is ded.

  • Nick_ Benk
    Nick_ Benk  2 months ago +409

    Can we have more of this
    Bubble gum blowing battle 2.0.

    TARRADARRA MTB TRAILS  1 months ago +113

    Anyone else just rewatching old dp videos

    BTDUB'S  2 months ago +56

    Who feels like this just got uploaded like a year ago

  • David G
    David G  22 hours ago

    I'm surprised you know what the coriolis effect is

  • Yeeyee Bruther
    Yeeyee Bruther  2 months ago +87

    Who is watching this for like the tenth time in 2019

  • Can I get 1000 subs?
    Can I get 1000 subs?  1 months ago +286

    👇 click if ur watching 2019

  • silver vEXin
    silver vEXin  3 years ago +1740

    is it just me or does ty win everything

    MOHAMMED ISHAQ  2 days ago +1

    Mr.beast chandler
    Dude perfect coby

  • Lux Ace
    Lux Ace  2 months ago +19

    Who else was chewing gum while watching this video?
    My brother did it with me too xD

  • Guillermo Garcia
    Guillermo Garcia  3 months ago +38

    :winner if the bubble gum blowing battle isssssssss, SLENDERMAN!!! 5:11

  • WarriorsPeace_Kat
    WarriorsPeace_Kat  2 months ago +82

    Ty is the champion of everything. 2019 anyone? (Early) June?
    I've never ever gotten anything above 4 likes.

  • OverPoweredNiblet / Steve Yang

    If coby was my dad I would be mostly proud.
    Edit: Wow 12 likes! That's the most I've ever gotten! Thanks guys!

  • Sushruth Challa
    Sushruth Challa  4 months ago +173

    Cody was bending forward
    That is y he got a bigger balloon
    Am I the only one who noticed this?
    If u did please like and comment

  • Randy Yost
    Randy Yost  1 months ago +61

    Notice how Cody has his neck pushed out so far to make it longer on the measuring board

  • Jr Alvarez
    Jr Alvarez  2 months ago +3

    If your watching this for like the 10th as well use this as a (LIKE BUTTON) for another bubble gum blowing battle in 2019

  • The Tur7le
    The Tur7le  14 days ago +9

    But some of them didn’t lean back on the chair!

  • Free Time
    Free Time  3 years ago +3616

    Dude Perfect can turn anything into something Epic