Chris Brown - Medley (Soul Train Music Awards 2014)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 30, 2014


  • Boot Reeves
    Boot Reeves  2 years ago +3355

    They need to let this man do the Super Bowl halftime show

  • mike
    mike  4 years ago +2035

    I mean you can hate on Chris all you want at the end of the day he's one of the best performers out here today. Period ...

  • Josianne Clarke
    Josianne Clarke  4 years ago +1211

    Real fans bought his first album and that's why we know Poppin!

  • iBeautyiStyle
    iBeautyiStyle  4 years ago +2177

    He is the male version of Beyoncé. They perform and give their all

  • Keefe Flynn
    Keefe Flynn  2 years ago +489

    Man you can say alot about his past, but you cant deny his pure talent!

  • Randi Howard
    Randi Howard  4 years ago +602

    B.o.b was feelin loyal when it came he had a personal experience lol

  • Ellie A
    Ellie A  3 years ago +640

    The first song tho, memories

  • youngbreezy
    youngbreezy  2 years ago +417

    Chris Brown should of been one of the top artist in the world today instead the music industry screwed him over

  • Coco Blvd
    Coco Blvd  3 years ago +506

    people can hate all they want but this guy has talent

  • K Grant
    K Grant  4 years ago +1357

    His voice was on point.

  • Devin Tucker
    Devin Tucker  4 years ago +303

    Chris can never be denied.....A true performer

  • Red-RuM
    Red-RuM  2 years ago +640

    Y'all can NEVER question CB's talent after this performance. He is a certified legend in the game. His music will be talked about in the next 10 - 20 years

  • Miss N
    Miss N  3 years ago +567

    This guy is a living legend, like no one is more talented or is more hard working in our generation. #Whatatimetobealive

  • Lil H
    Lil H  3 years ago +206

    Who said chris brown cant sing?!!!

  • remo
    remo  8 months ago +115

    and jacquees suppose to be king of r&b?? TUH I think tf not

  • Antonia Prince
    Antonia Prince  10 months ago +286

    I miss Chris at these award shows . He is a whole creative 💜💜

  • AcidicG3ntleman
    AcidicG3ntleman  4 years ago +326

    I had to rewatch this multiple times, those dance moves are always so on point!!! I especially like the part at the end, where he was moving his body in slow motion. I'm glad he tried to hit those notes too, people fail to understand how hard it is to sing while bouncing around on the stage 😄😎👏👏👍

  • Chentaya Barrett
    Chentaya Barrett  2 years ago +180

    YO Gimme that New flame so you can Take me down and we can get it Poppin because these girls aint Loyal!

  • Steven Rowin
    Steven Rowin  4 years ago +204

    at least he didnt lip sync

  • Rommy Silva
    Rommy Silva  4 years ago +367

    This is the first time I've seen chris look healthy in a long time.