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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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  • FBE
    FBE  a years ago +351

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  • Jem C
    Jem C  a years ago +2147

    “Joel raised a monster, I love it” me too Carson 😂

  • James Atkins
    James Atkins  a years ago +1627

    Please tell me, when the game comes out, that you'll get the same cast that played the first game to come back. That would be amazing.

  • Bosh
    Bosh  a years ago +671

    PLEASE MAKE ONLY THE OG CREW PLAY. I just want to see them come back.
    That's it. P L E A S E
    (Add no one, minus no one)

  • A Bag Of Flour
    A Bag Of Flour  a years ago +500

    "I can't stop staring at the graphics." Boy what else would you look at?

  • MaBOi66
    MaBOi66  a years ago +523

    Joel raised a monster

    ZOR3L TTUB  a years ago +362

    "Joel raised a monster, I love it." best comment ever... I love it too man.

  • robbicu
    robbicu  a years ago +705

    Please, please, please get the original reactors/players when it comes out! I watched them play through the original game like four times!!

  • Don't know what to say
    Don't know what to say  a years ago +767

    when you don't have a ps4 or any other device to play this game but you watch every single video there is cause you love it and enjoy suffering from a cold broke distance other people play

  • Melody Pagan
    Melody Pagan  a years ago +174

    “I wanna know where Joel is?? Did I mention I wanna know where Joel is?” Lolll

  • holly clown
    holly clown  a years ago +237

    “They should be terrified of you.”

  • HerpDerpPerkMusic
    HerpDerpPerkMusic  a years ago +944

    "She's just become gayer and I love it"
    This should be the headliner for the reviews

  • Liz Stone
    Liz Stone  a years ago +211

    “Joel raised a monster. I love it.”

  • Riley O'Connor
    Riley O'Connor  a years ago +138


  • PhoenizNinja
    PhoenizNinja  a years ago +513

    teens play detroit

  • toxicalien
    toxicalien  a years ago +116

    “Joel raised a monster
    I L O V E I T. ”

  • DutchMadness77
    DutchMadness77  a years ago +255

    S T R O N G
    F E M A L E
    Q U E E R
    C H A R A C T E R S

  • TheShropshireSlasher
    TheShropshireSlasher  a years ago +335

    "OMG! Finally, we're getting a female protagonist!"
    ….So, we're just gonna pretend Samus Aran and Lara Croft don't exist?

  • supitsamandaa
    supitsamandaa  a years ago +191

    y'all better make the original people who played the game play this new one too we all be shook

  • TheTekknician
    TheTekknician  a years ago +81

    Naughty Dog being one of the handful of producers that can actually say: "it's finished when WE decide it's finished", not the publisher, not the investors. Then again, it's a proven trust it will be selling like there's no tomorrow.