Penn and Teller were FOOLED by a Phone Charger!



  • Kayden Furgason
    Kayden Furgason  8 minutes ago

    What if he had a different type of phone

  • bob bob
    bob bob  2 hours ago

    woo . too easy

  • Jefferay
    Jefferay  2 hours ago

    Why does he pretend to spin that charger around, but have such a tight grip with his left hand? 2:58

  • Nick.
    Nick.  2 hours ago

    i figured it out,, he was holding the block by the usb when he touched it to tellers hand,, thats why it wasnt working when teller tried to do it after because he wasnt holding it in the right spot

    • Nick.
      Nick.  2 hours ago

      creating a complete circuit with a battery inside*

  • The Ultra Reaper
    The Ultra Reaper  2 hours ago

    But Wait!, If you call now, youll get a 2nd one free!

  • Tc
    Tc  3 hours ago

    I think the best theory I have of how he charged the phone without the outlet is that the box was modified and it has a rechargeable battery inside of it, when you touch the prongs on the box, it closes the circuit. He just modified the box so it could do it.

  • Martin Ma
    Martin Ma  3 hours ago

    But wait, we'll double the offer!

  • Corksucker
    Corksucker  4 hours ago

    Probably just had a battery wired up to himself somewhere under his coat, using skin to complete the circuit

  • Bernardo Santos
    Bernardo Santos  4 hours ago

    Battery in brick, programmed to only activate the number of times he used it on the hand.
    That's why he was able to give Penn and Teller the charger after.

  • AscendtionArc
    AscendtionArc  4 hours ago

    A good act, I assumed there was a secret button on the cable, to trigger the stored charge, but the 'rope' bits were just skill.

  • Steven Morrison
    Steven Morrison  4 hours ago

    Those credit beatz tho

  • Bernardo Santos
    Bernardo Santos  4 hours ago

    3:43-3:44 that cut in the video changed the cable.

  • Mr T bomb
    Mr T bomb  4 hours ago

    I think there is a battery inside the box and the prongs are some sort of button so it will just activate and deactivate the battery when something presses the prongs

  • Jeremy Imig
    Jeremy Imig  5 hours ago

    So he wins a trophy with a big 'F U' on it? Awesome.

  • Joshua Grambusch
    Joshua Grambusch  6 hours ago

    Why is everyone so focused on the charging aspect of the trick. That was the least impressive part and I highly doubt that was what fooled them. Everyone understands how thee mechanics of that would work, you are not a genius for thinking of it.

  • Kota
    Kota  6 hours ago

    Everybody's pointing out the fact that it's a power brick.. but nobody is talking about the whole switching of the ends of the charger trick

  • Guy
    Guy  6 hours ago

    That lady looks familiar

  • Jared S
    Jared S  6 hours ago

    very enjoyable act. i was humored, and with the trick, instantly impressed. "refreshingly unique." "nonstop laughter." "fun for the whole family." ....

  • Cliff Sheets
    Cliff Sheets  6 hours ago

    Did I win the $15 Gift Card?

  • TheMaverick
    TheMaverick  6 hours ago

    they have no idea how this charger thing works? WHAT?! I do! wtf!