DO TEENS KNOW 90s MUSIC? #7 (REACT: Do They Know It?)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 16, 2017
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  • REACT  2 years ago

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  • Raven Handley  1 years ago

    the first song was an oasis song you bufoon

  • Coleyoly 99  1 years ago

    REACT next time, you have got to include an oasis song, you simply can't do this without including the band of the 90's

  • Jack Cox  2 years ago

    Only one person knew Wonderwall was by Oasis. Sad.

  • •FAME PARADISE•  2 years ago

    how don't you know smells like teen spirit by nirvana!?!?

  • tomarki  2 years ago

    「vincent sinatra」 they have a life

  • edisnierif  2 years ago

    Is it Metellica? **face palm**

  • JJOOKER  2 years ago

    I live in Japan and in that moment i was like wtf you´re american im from Japan and i know its Nirvana dumbass !!!

  • Squidward Tentacles  2 years ago

    Who here clicked on the video because they seen Kurt Cobain?

  • didi xoxo  2 years ago

    SoulScorcher XX Me

  • Jahir Hernandez  2 years ago

    SoulScorcher XX me

  • kill me pls  2 years ago

    i thought wonderwall and smells like teen spirit were the songs e v e r y o n e knows...

  • MissBegriffsstutzig  2 years ago

    what. not everybody knew wonderwall and smells like Teenspirit?!! what.

  • Ian Tagle  2 years ago

    I simple man. I see Cobain, I watch

  • Ian Tagle  2 years ago

    Tom Rose *looks. haha. If you're referring to my grammar, it's just a reference from a caveman meme. So yeah :) Have a good day

  • Tom Rose  2 years ago

    Mister Buu By the look of your grammar, you're really simple.

  • ellie skye  2 years ago

    How did only one person know Oasis?!?!?!?!?!😱😱😱

  • Rebekah N  2 years ago

    ellie skye There's no accounting for taste. Think about the crap that's popular.

  • Felix Vloeberghs  2 years ago

    "Is this 'Hello'... by Methaaalica?No?..."Right in the feelsFaith in my generation down by 30 points...

  • Mike Espinoza  2 years ago

    Felix Vloeberghs i'm crying right now, right in the feelings :'v

  • HB In HD  2 years ago

    Oh my god, just watched that part, ridiculous.