Céline Dion Carpool Karaoke

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 20, 2019
  • James Corden heads to Las Vegas for a Carpool Karaoke made for CBS primetime and calls on Céline Dion to help him get through town. In addition to singing her classics, Céline proves she has a song for any moment, James teaches Céline "Baby Shark" and the two give away pairs of Céline's precious shoes. And stay for a Titanic-sized end to their afternoon together.


  • Carolina Malta
    Carolina Malta  an hour ago

    She is so funny! Laughed so hard at this!! 😃

  • Hanipher Mahamoud
    Hanipher Mahamoud  2 hours ago

    She is so sweet 😍 😍 😍 and adorable

  • Azizi Kembo
    Azizi Kembo  8 hours ago

    This is hilarious and amazing at the same time 😂😂😂. Queen Celine. Best their would ever be.

  • mohan wicantra
    mohan wicantra  8 hours ago

    No baby shock guys...but, baby shark 😂😂😂

  • Monalisa aliya
    Monalisa aliya  10 hours ago

    The best carpool karaoke version for me!

  • Kartika Sulastry
    Kartika Sulastry  11 hours ago


  • tristan adinata
    tristan adinata  12 hours ago

    bunda.... makan yang banyak ya?? biar seksi

  • Springkle
    Springkle  12 hours ago

    Im crying when they sang my heart will go on

  • airbrne
    airbrne  15 hours ago

    Celine sang on ABC Good morning America and I burst into tears after hearing her voice decades ago. She is so
    real and so wonderful

  • VegnaChaos 86
    VegnaChaos 86  15 hours ago

    i love her she's just amazing and she looks like alot of fun to be around

  • Jelly _Monsta
    Jelly _Monsta  15 hours ago

    About to go for a swim real quick

  • Fran Luna
    Fran Luna  15 hours ago +2

    Lying down😍 10:40

  • JCR
    JCR  16 hours ago

    I wish I had a sister like Celine. In fact I wish she was my sister because I'd have to kick her butt for losing so much weight! People care about you girl. I do hope you realize that the next time you don't want to eat.

  • alejandro perez
    alejandro perez  18 hours ago

    I want to know how James wife feel like 🧐

  • Karen Lovett
    Karen Lovett  19 hours ago +1

    She looks really bad.

  • shakti7457
    shakti7457  20 hours ago

    That ending was great, some of the people's reactions cracked me up!

  • Art Cheruto
    Art Cheruto  20 hours ago

    Are you okay?
    I need alcohol

  • sokeke6
    sokeke6  20 hours ago

    Oh Celine I love your songs!!! Jesus, your voice still gives me chills! Seeing this part of your personality is so fantastic!!!!

  • Дмитрий Чуга

    Русские не смотрят это шоу? 😂 лучший выпуск, я б сказал

  • lightangel92
    lightangel92  21 hours ago

    I wonder why james corden NEVER SHUT UP! AND LET SING THE ARTIST? ...