Lemonade - You Suck at Cooking (episode 91)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 25, 2019
  • Hey check out my book why don’t you: http://hyperurl.co/yousuckatcooking


    To make lemonade:

    1 cup lemon juice
    1 cup sugar melted inside 1 cup water
    4, 5, 6, 7 cups of water, mixed with those things.

    Ta daaaaaa! Magic?


  • You Suck At Cooking
    You Suck At Cooking  3 months ago +3968

    If you’re against videos, I wrote a book for you: 

  • ash rein
    ash rein  6 days ago

    I needed this today you have known idea

  • League of Moments

    I tried putting soda water as well cause my brother wanted it a bit fizzy and it worked kinda. I'm now waiting for it to cool in the fridge

  • Porterness Studio
    Porterness Studio  14 days ago

    Where has this been all my life? My world is now complete.

  • Max Ellis
    Max Ellis  14 days ago +1

    Best outro video, dunno about the song, my brain overloaded with cuteness.

  • Doggo Dom
    Doggo Dom  14 days ago

    And if you want to be rebellious and cool, you can make Limeade
    And if you wanna be adventurous, you can make Lemon-Limeade

  • Jacobs *
    Jacobs *  14 days ago

    My baby chicks were use to cats because of my cat but then my neighbors cat came and ate one of them I came out to late and it ran off with it in its mouth

  • Alexandra Bakly
    Alexandra Bakly  14 days ago

    I want him to release an album xD

  • idon'twantgoogleplus

    It still baffles me that us-american lemonade is non-bubbly.

  • an alias
    an alias  14 days ago

    love how he still keeps the coffee filters from the quesadilla video at 0:41

  • V e n u s
    V e n u s  14 days ago

    maximum pulp

  • MartP
    MartP  14 days ago

    So juicy reference oof

  • GiggleMeBlaH BlaH
    GiggleMeBlaH BlaH  14 days ago

    You’re videos make me smile :))
    Thank you~

  • Lacoulas 555
    Lacoulas 555  21 days ago

    Ohhh he lives on a farm

  • Dragonsprinkles
    Dragonsprinkles  21 days ago

    Black Chick: LEMONADE
    Brown Chick: WTF

  • aditi srivastava
    aditi srivastava  a months ago +1

    I like how you really love soft activities like gardening, cooking, taking care of pets, music n still be a badass creative who breaks the rules. I wish I could date u 😁❤️

  • MansonYT
    MansonYT  a months ago

    Just take some lemon and some ade and smash em together

  • Story_Tape_81
    Story_Tape_81  a months ago

    You make my fucking brain hurt...

  • Lara Larimar
    Lara Larimar  a months ago

    Bold of you to assume I don’t like my own homemade lemonde...

  • Marc Ju-Yi Huang
    Marc Ju-Yi Huang  a months ago

    S O J U I C Y