Lonzo Ball's Best Assists of the 2017-2018 NBA Regular Season!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 21, 2018
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  • Nine times Out of Ten
    Nine times Out of Ten  a years ago +1048

    Best QB in L.A.

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee  a years ago +111

    Lonzo is a protoypical 80s and 90s PG where passing, assists, controlling tempo and running an offense were appreciated and value. People watch too much of Curry, Westbrook and Harden these days and forget what a true PG is supposed to do.

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott  a years ago +152

    If I was a free agent this summer in the NBA
    I can play with a guy like Lonzo cause I know he is going to give me the ball in the right spots especially if I'm working hard to get open...His vision is like a ScreenShot dawg...
    If I know I'm a scorer and a finisher, I wanna play with a great passer like Lonzo

  • G Man
    G Man  a years ago +707

    If you think he's a bust you a small baller that only watches box score numbers

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott  a years ago +361

    Them long court and those under the rim PASSES are very hard to do mane
    But this guy makes these look so effortless
    I know my slow thinking
    Uncoordinated ass would of dropped them mfkers 😂😂😂

  • Partizane Igraj Napadaj
    Partizane Igraj Napadaj  a years ago +293

    He'll ball hard in his second year,but only if he changes his ugly ass shot. And no,he ain't bust. He's averaging 10-7-7 which is pretty great for a rookie.

  • Eden Perez
    Eden Perez  a years ago +39

    Don't Know Why People Hate On The Kid, He's Not a Scorer He A Facilitator, he makes everybody around him better, Sure He Needs To Work On His Jumpshot But Passing and Rebounding is his speciality, he almost average a triple double for the season.

  • LaVar Ball
    LaVar Ball  a years ago +145


  • Mike Rodriguez
    Mike Rodriguez  a years ago +53

    Lonzo made Clarkson and Nance better.. look at them now.. TRASH

  • Reyven The Boss
    Reyven The Boss  a years ago +333

    Lonzo Ball

  • Umar Haq
    Umar Haq  a years ago +40

    Cant wait to see this dude next season tho

  • MeAgainZombie
    MeAgainZombie  a years ago +259

    Lonzo low key best passer in the nba

  • Milan Jovanovic
    Milan Jovanovic  a years ago +227

    He's gonna be great

  • Swazey
    Swazey  a years ago +67

    Lonzo best assister of the season!

  • Paolo Domingo
    Paolo Domingo  a years ago +7

    Remember when people said that the long court passes wouldn’t work in the NBA😂

  • sweg
    sweg  a years ago +8

    Just my opinion, but I think lonzo could've helped lakers to get to the playoffs if he wasn't injured that much

  • 2deadly
    2deadly  a years ago +57

    no need to put regular season in the title. we all know the lakers missed the playoffs

  • AAAron
    AAAron  a years ago +183

    "Lonzo Ball is going to take the Lakers into playoffs in his first year" -Lavar

  • Iceman
    Iceman  a years ago +5

    Damn I can’t wait until he becomes a top 5 PG in the league. All y’all haters are lame asf

  • P Swizzy
    P Swizzy  a years ago +6

    Hey. Remember whenever lonzo did these passes for chino hills people were like. "Hes versing kids. In the nba its a whole different story" well now i just wanna know how different the story really is.