LeBron James would not be this great if he played against Michael Jordan - Stephen A. | First Take

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 29, 2018
  • Stephen A. Smith says LeBron James would not be on the "Mount Rushmore of basketball" or become a superstar if he was in the NBA during the same era as Michael Jordan because MJ would "annihilate" LeBron's teams. Max Kellerman says no one would stop LeBron from achieving his level of greatness, but Jordan would have won the head-to-head matchups.

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  • Andre Alston
    Andre Alston  an hour ago

    Foh its a wash both cant guard each other your a fool if you think jordan wouldnt have problems guarding this man

  • Jun San Diego
    Jun San Diego  3 hours ago

    I think they're both great athletes and they both have genius level basketball IQ (if there was such a thing). What makes Jordan greater is his focus, killer instinct and his ability to drive his teammates to perform at the highest level. What happens when Lebron loses? He cries and either leaves his team or he handpicks the players he wants to play with next season. When Jordan lost to the Pistons he, along with the rest of the bulls, hit the gym twice as hard and built an entirely new team by making themselves better. That's the difference right there.

  • Underworld Films
    Underworld Films  6 hours ago

    Lebron wouldve been as great against MJ (if not better).........He wouldve been more fundamentally sound (with hard fouls and hand-checking).

  • Starscream
    Starscream  7 hours ago

    LeBron is one and three against the Warriors is everybody forgetting that?

  • o smash
    o smash  8 hours ago

    Wow this bitch sucked LBJ dick so hard I almost nutted in her mouth 😂

  • King Nick
    King Nick  8 hours ago

    Consider Curry's warriors were there during mj era da fakkkk LeBron in the *GOAT*

  • Jerome Major
    Jerome Major  10 hours ago

    Max your wrong.not back when basketball was basketball. Their were bad boys on the league back then.he wasnt better than a lot of players and there were more than three staked teams.yry about 20

  • metric 1974
    metric 1974  12 hours ago

    Lebron never played college ball and played under a great couch to learn the fundamentals of playing ball on that next level from high school. He would have picked up on fundamentals of playing on that next level. the same as MJ, playing under Dean Smith, he had a bad couch in Cleveland with Mike Brown, hands down. He would allow Lebron to play the point and be at the top of the key dribbling the ball instead of letting the point play his position and bring the ball to the front court 79% of the time's waisting his energy with the ball instead of playing with out the ball until he was in the half court set like all the other greats have done. I used to say while I would be yelling at the TV "What in the hell is Mike Brown doing" let Lebron get position in the half court set. Why is he at the top of the key playing the point. Mike Brown allows LeBron James to play that way for years. To bad his success started later when he went to a team that used the traditional point guard set to run the offense, that's when he started winning championships if he had that earlier in his career he probably would have had more championships.

  • Seeking for truth
    Seeking for truth  12 hours ago

    Just Another overrated and overpaid useless individual!
    In Roman times these people simply got killed while performing their sport...
    And today these lowlifes thinks of themselves as Gods, because they play with a ball 😝😝😝
    Keep em distracted with bread and games....
    and you follow these scums and pay their salary?!
    Hard to say who is worse?
    The lowlife scumbag playing with his balls, or YOU, the ones paying their salary?!

  • rahim vedaee
    rahim vedaee  13 hours ago

    um why they stay hating on kareem?? he was a beast!!!!

  • Mad lemming17
    Mad lemming17  14 hours ago

    How many times did Jordan vs 4/5 All stars in a finals game? I'll wait 😎😎😎

    • Mad lemming17
      Mad lemming17  11 hours ago

      reyian451 tell me when Jordan faced 4/5 All stars and I'll tell you.

    • reyian451
      reyian451  12 hours ago

      When did lebron ever 3peat? Or not lose in the finals? I'll wait.

  • Anthony Durgin
    Anthony Durgin  14 hours ago

    Idc what nobody say y’all act like Jordan won every game...like he won every playoff game ..let lebron would have played for the bad boy pistons in the 90s I promise Jordan wouldn’t be as great as y’all think he is

  • Mike Mcneary
    Mike Mcneary  15 hours ago

    Shut up SAS if Lebron grew up in that area he would’ve probably been tougher and Lebron is way bigger than most of those players. Jordan never won until pippen came along. Stop with the nonsense

  • Black Ceaser
    Black Ceaser  18 hours ago

    This debate is silly because Lebron would be Lebron. Jordan struggled guarding Magic, that's why they put Pippen on him. Jordan couldn't defend Malone, that's why Rodman was on him. Jordan still wouldve dominated the league because he had the better teams but individually there is no great player he personally stopped from being great. Barkey, Bird, Isiah Thomas, Magic, Malone, Penny, Grant Hill all still got their numbers.

  • Moska Justine
    Moska Justine  19 hours ago

    Of course MJ is better than Lebron James but no way Kobe is better than Lebron

  • Len Vaughn
    Len Vaughn  20 hours ago

    Why do we even keep bringing up MJ? Yes, he was great, yes he dominated every competitor etc, etc. We all know this, but those days were back then are over, different era. Why can’t we just let LJ be who he is during this era, right now without always having to bring MJ into the conversation? Things change. This era is about the Steph Curry’s, LeBron James and whoever else we can think of at this time. So stop already with the Michael Jordan comparisons and just let it be what it is right now for this time and era. Besides, MJ don’t give two shits anyway. He’s somewhere enjoying his retirement, knocking up his super young hot white girlfriend and trying to figure out what new shoe ideas he can come up with next to get us to spend more money with his endorsements and whatever else it is he does on the side to stay rich.

  • Otis Thomas
    Otis Thomas  20 hours ago

    here max goes again with if you give lebron a cast of characters ( all stars ) he would be dominate in the west ,

  • Cascade Fresh
    Cascade Fresh  20 hours ago +2

    6:18 exactly!! 😂😂 Stephen A is so right.

  • Kevin Clark Landero

    lιĸeѕ vѕ dιѕlιĸeѕ already proved everyhting

  • Derrick Hazel
    Derrick Hazel  yesterday

    Why do they always take a self conceived scenario and try to make it sound like it actually has happened?