Samsung QLED TV Feature Film - Q Style

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 26, 2018
  • Samsung QLED TV has been refined to the finest detail for the ultimate experience. By removing the impurities such as tangled cables or the gap between TV and wall, you’ll have no distractions while enjoying the picture. Find out more here:


  • HarizshahHamin
    HarizshahHamin  a years ago +19

    Can I see my soul? :P

  • Lee J-M
    Lee J-M  a years ago +17


  • Taj AlBarakat
    Taj AlBarakat  a years ago

    That was so emotional
    I'm crying :"
    God why does this always happens to me when I see expensive things :P

  • toba thene
    toba thene  a years ago +7

    This comments section is like some kind of cult war lol

  • PrestigeDank03
    PrestigeDank03  a years ago

    I would like to see apple come back on this one 😎. Great video samsung!

  • Kingshuk Sarkar
    Kingshuk Sarkar  a years ago +1

    LG Signature is the best

  • Box Circle
    Box Circle  a years ago

    Wow, It a gorgeous and amazing TV 😍😍

  • SilverHunk Clover
    SilverHunk Clover  a years ago

    Her name is liza soberano.
    You're welcome

  • Diarmuid K.
    Diarmuid K.  a years ago +26

    My tv is 9 years old and I really want a new one!

  • Lewis Beauchamp
    Lewis Beauchamp  a years ago

    "See the picture, nothing else" - except that logo on the bottom :(

  • Mac Tyler
    Mac Tyler  a years ago

    aye nice job guys, still nowhere near is good as the LG W which already came out months ago! but sure yeah keep it up

  • Michael Zetino
    Michael Zetino  a years ago +175

    Samsung is the future

  • Jose Angel
    Jose Angel  a years ago +26

    Samsung=Better Future

  • everyone buy samsung
    everyone buy samsung  a years ago +68

    Samsung will not slow tv down

  • Keko keko
    Keko keko  a years ago

    Amazing Samsung I love your products

  • kawaii JP
    kawaii JP  a years ago

    Samsung's products have high technologies with reasonable prices. <3

  • Gourav Sardar
    Gourav Sardar  a years ago

    Now that looks reallllllyyyyy expensive..

  • Robert Schmitz
    Robert Schmitz  a years ago

    Hope the q9f 2018 will be better than my Panasonic Plasma TV !

  • Mike Dee
    Mike Dee  a years ago

    Not quite convinced of qled. I like Oled Incase anybody cares

  • Mary
    Mary  a years ago

    Thank you Maduro!! I never got that TV!!