I Don't Like The Fine Bros React Series

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 19, 2019
  • This is the greatest egg reacting of All Time


  • KingCobraJFS SE PA Booster Club

    I’m glad that lesbian validated the dog’s existence

  • World Wide Patriots

    All soy boy beta cucks.

  • Jukka Jovana
    Jukka Jovana  yesterday +1

    i just realized that u posted this video on my birthday :D :'D

  • Ninef Sargis
    Ninef Sargis  yesterday

    A hoot and a holler BHAAHAHA

  • Ninef Sargis
    Ninef Sargis  yesterday

    well thats certainly a bit of a stretch! LOL made my morning.

  • LJC
    LJC  yesterday

    "falling asleep with your eyes open while watching it" is basically C-SPAN. Don't even know why I watch it.

  • Pick With Dick
    Pick With Dick  yesterday

    I cringed so hard that my dick got hard.

  • Big T
    Big T  2 days ago

    7:25 spent on complaining about a show you don't have to watch so does anyone else that doesn't like it. So what purpose does the video serve? It's just a guy reacting to a react show that he can choose not to watch. I bet he watches every episode though in anger.

  • Token Lmao
    Token Lmao  3 days ago

    “FBE staff member”
    Making it sound like a federal agency
    Federal Bureau of Entertainment lol

  • Melone
    Melone  4 days ago

    Elders react is just looking at old people hating on anything not made before the 2000's.

  • Doc Canoro
    Doc Canoro  5 days ago

    the egg caused such an emotional impact on you as it was meant to be, you wouldn't expect that an egg would be famous, and it's so far off idea that impacts you.
    you even went to the trouble to make a video about it, promoting the egg even more.

  • Aus10
    Aus10  5 days ago

    They suck! bottom line.

  • William Blackfyre
    William Blackfyre  6 days ago

    Cant go any higher? I havr a feeling she doesnt meme.

  • sweetbaybabz
    sweetbaybabz  6 days ago

    I don't get the point of this video. If you don't enjoy it, then simply don't watch. I still watch the React videos and I can't speak for others, but while I don't always care about some of the content that they react to, the appeal for me is the reactors themselves. After watching so many episodes, you start to enjoy certain reactors and want to just watch for them. Many of them have really interesting and fun personalities. You basically just wasted seven and half minutes of your life shitting on a series that you don't like. Just say you don't like it and move on.

  • Lunammoon
    Lunammoon  6 days ago

    this is the dude that everyone based their headcanon sans voice on right?

  • Caleb Rivera
    Caleb Rivera  6 days ago

    Guys...it’s just an egg

  • Yung and Hung
    Yung and Hung  7 days ago +1

    Should have titled this "Penguinz0 reacts to Fine Bros React"

  • Walking
    Walking  7 days ago

    My man in his 20's and looking 40 with that sexy beard.

  • Melissa Krusiewig
    Melissa Krusiewig  7 days ago

    You dont like it but you're obviously watching it.. and reacting it to for views. Huh. Interesting.

  • Reytunez Bz
    Reytunez Bz  7 days ago

    So basically every react channel EVER!