John Harbaugh, Lamar Jackson Share Incredible Sideline Conversation

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 12, 2019
  • Head Coach John Harbaugh talked with Lamar Jackson about his leadership, and the second-year quarterback stressed that his focus is getting to the Super Bowl.

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  • Glockmog2007
    Glockmog2007  7 days ago


  • breezy 5000
    breezy 5000  1 months ago

    You can tell the coach and players love Lamar and he love them to

  • MrSwj2009 ____
    MrSwj2009 ____  1 months ago

    "That's all I know."

    And so the Harbaugh /Jackson dynasty begins.

  • Colorado Fisher
    Colorado Fisher  1 months ago

    Love this man! I knew the moment he threw 7 touchdown in Louisville when he was a freshman he was going to be a great NFL quarterback!

  • William Cooper
    William Cooper  1 months ago

    I keep going back to the interview with Deion Sanders after he got picked by the Ravens. There was a look that I saw that I saw in two guys: Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods. They are guys that would do anything... ANYTHING... to beat you. I believed him when he said that the Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl bound. He’s the guy that won’t stop until he achieves the goal. And then because he’s been doubted he wants more. It might not happen this year, but it’s coming soon. Lamar Jackson is coming.

  • Abis Hamal
    Abis Hamal  1 months ago


  • eoe123321
    eoe123321  1 months ago

    A man on a mission!

  • gottabump
    gottabump  1 months ago

    "Most QBs Worry about stats"= Nice way of saying you pretty much had a shit day & throwing for 145yrds & 63 of those came on a blown coverage definitely are not stats.. Kinda feel bad for Baltimore fans cuz Bmore is not getting to or winning the Superbowl with that option offense, not happening & better hope Lamar becomes a MICH better passer before his running ability is gone cuz...

  • Adam Stinson
    Adam Stinson  1 months ago

    I was definitely wrong about this kid. I was a big Joe Flacco fan not gonna lie and I didn’t like the idea of a new quarterback but wow man we got something special with this kid

  • Solomon the wise
    Solomon the wise  1 months ago

    Nobody talks about how willing John Harbaugh was to change the system at the drop of a hat for a player, and not for your typical peyton or Tom Brady but for a lamar Jackson who looks like he just stepped out the boondocks. John always had that swagger about him, that man is invited to the cook out 🤣.

  • Kaizaro123
    Kaizaro123  1 months ago

    Jackson's way too gangsta to come out outright and say "I love you too"... instead, "it's all love" 💪💪💪😎😎

  • Mr Wright Sr
    Mr Wright Sr  1 months ago

    Dude on a different level💪🏈😀

  • Linton Smith
    Linton Smith  1 months ago

    Y'all raven fans are pathetic first y'all didn't want him now he is your quarterback lol this run they are on will fizzle out I've seen this before teams will get use to what they are doing

  • The Hood Coach
    The Hood Coach  1 months ago

    This shit damn near made me cry oml

  • YoogiNation
    YoogiNation  1 months ago

    “It’s all love coach.” U know I’m starting to believe that picture of him with MLK, Nelson Mandela and Obama might be appropriate after all. Dude’s a living legend.

  • Taj C.
    Taj C.  1 months ago

    🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆

  • Fifi Houston
    Fifi Houston  1 months ago +1

    Lamar knows those are the same people in the stands that boo'ed him last year, but now they clapping gtfoh keep that same energy.

  • fwdfdfsa111133
    fwdfdfsa111133  1 months ago

    Anyone in the comments talking about, "can't believe y'all booed him last year" were the first ones to boo him and are the same ones trying to act like they knew he was going to be this difficult to stop.

  • VNY D
    VNY D  1 months ago

    Well i wouldn’t imagine a coach having good convo like that
    that’s pretty dope

    MICHAEL SMITH  1 months ago

    He was rated a 3 star out of high school lol