World of Warcraft's Most Famous & Infamous Players

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 3, 2017
  • Talking about some of the most famous or infamous players of World of Warcraft!

    Videos used in this video
    Kazzak kill by tweakv01:
    Indalamar by enterwhy:
    Leeroy by J Jonah Jameson:
    Rap battle parody by Supahotfire Deshawn:
    Onyxia wipe animations by Alachas1985:

    Gedran deeprun tram adventures:

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  • MadSeasonShow
    MadSeasonShow  2 years ago +860

    Been writing down a bunch names I missed for a part 2 of this video. Thanks all for the suggestions! Edit: I made a part 2 to this:

  • The_Punisher
    The_Punisher  yesterday

    How the fuck did Sicmaggot not make it onto this list???? Wow

  • Hyde's Gaming
    Hyde's Gaming  4 days ago

    I heard about Zeuzo,back when i wasn't playing wow,and from non-wow player.Dude claimed he's Zeuzo's cousin or something.I remember that price back then was ~3k Euros,but the fact that Zeuzo sold his account is new to me.Than's MSS,you put a dot on the story.
    PS if this is the dude that my friend was talking about,fact that Zeuzo sold his account doesn't surprise me if he's from ex-yu.7k Euros today is huge money...

  • Br4ntburz
    Br4ntburz  7 days ago

    Hey man, did you ever remember the blog site Notaddicted and the tales of Clowncar bugging out one of the PvP arenas? There was lots of good player driven content on that site from back in the day. But I can no longer find it.

  • Brutal Beat
    Brutal Beat  7 days ago

    Well that guy likes to wave a lot

  • MrAsap2000as
    MrAsap2000as  7 days ago

    Number 9: Now that's a guy with no life. It's common to find such people in WoW but he's the top of them all. But at least he's the top of something I guess.

  • MrAsap2000as
    MrAsap2000as  7 days ago

    About the Hunter Legendary bow, I can get why they did that. If the two hunters just joined a few days ago, I wouldn't give it to them either. Imagine giving it to them and they leave shortly after, happens ALL THE TIME in these games.

  • Shane Cheatham
    Shane Cheatham  14 days ago

    how is ICY Grasp the Indelamars name backsward.....

  • DIO Brando
    DIO Brando  14 days ago

    I was patient zero for the blood plauge eppedemic or atleast my pet was

  • MunsKi
    MunsKi  14 days ago

    i love this haha

  • I
    I  14 days ago

    The Leeroy video is a staged skit. Weird that you don't mention that.

  • Yakton
    Yakton  14 days ago

    i'm more infamous since i don't have it yet

  • Andy Sharp
    Andy Sharp  21 days ago

    Is this Joe Peras brother

  • cactus time
    cactus time  21 days ago

    I remember the user Powerwiz in Goldshire on Moongaurd,, he was v popular and loved by everyone and I miss him :(

  • Hornet Gaming
    Hornet Gaming  21 days ago

    OMG i think i remember Angwe, I was a victim AHHA

  • Pretty Good
    Pretty Good  21 days ago

    You sound like Joe Pera :)

  • FaktFitness
    FaktFitness  1 months ago

    Tseric was such a baby bitch boy.

  • Tatsuki Shine
    Tatsuki Shine  1 months ago

    Dwarven hand cannon

  • M.C.Martin Official Channel

    Lol when your in a guild called nurfed, and you show the world that Warriors are OP, only for you to get that class nurfed lolz 😂

  • M.C.Martin Official Channel

    #2 2:37 Kramerr slaughtered an entire Horde City after another on a PVP Server. For an entire day as a level 60. The Horde was outmatched. It took Blizzard like a week to fix it.
    It was one of the most infamous slaughters in WoW History