How Brexit could create a crisis at the Irish border

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 17, 2018
  • The open border has helped keep the peace for 20 years.

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    Northern Ireland is part of the UK, but because of a special power-sharing agreement, it has an open border with Republic of Ireland. This was designed as a compromise that ended 30 years of conflict and violence in Northern Ireland between Nationalist and Unionist paramilitaries.

    Today, Brexit means that the UK needs to close its borders and the issue of the Irish border is one of the hardest things to negotiate with the EU. Closing this border could undermine the compromise that kept the peace for 20 years.

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  • Cam456p
    Cam456p  7 hours ago

    Option 5 , uk invades republic of ireland

  • Ryan May
    Ryan May  16 hours ago

    Immigration was the issue. The body politic of a nation has the right through its politics to determine it's immigration policies.

    The EU was meant to be an ECONOMIC union not a political union. It morphed into a political one usurping sovereign nation rights.

  • mickey rat
    mickey rat  yesterday

    Why does England own the top half of another country?? What’s next... they own the Falklands down in Argentina too? Long live the IRA baby

  • Shawn Gilliland
    Shawn Gilliland  2 days ago

    Fifty-six percent voting to remain in the EU is "overwhelming"? Five percent over a bare majority doesn't fit the definition of overwhelming.

  • alex jervis
    alex jervis  2 days ago

    The majority vote to REMAIN.
    Some wish to REJOIN EIRE.
    Surely the UK has enough GOLD to Buy Off the PROBLEM?

  • FECK! If I Know
    FECK! If I Know  3 days ago

    It has never been a Irish problem, it's always been a English problem.

  • Warrior
    Warrior  3 days ago

    Just start a war already

  • Dream
    Dream  3 days ago

    just become part of nigeria.

  • ulli1235
    ulli1235  4 days ago

    This video again is full of errors already starting at 0:15 stating people have to show their eu passport when traveling within the Eu.

  • Muhammad Fahim Shaikh

    3:49 Is that Chester Bennington?

  • Joe Perry
    Joe Perry  4 days ago

    Why couldnt they somehow, leave it as like a innermediated zone. What i mean is, why dont they leave the invisible border up, ha e it controlled by britian but policed by ireland

  • The epic panda
    The epic panda  5 days ago

    Being a Person from Northern Ireland and still living here is just really really rough man and if we don't do something soon there could be a repeat of the troubles

  • SensaiRyu
    SensaiRyu  5 days ago

    There's a simple solution have a card ID check system like you do on American military bases the Irish get a card ID drive-up scan the card they drive through it's quick it's easy it's simple it makes it to where the border remains porous and it keeps out anybody who's not Irish whether Northern or Southern

  • khaled Dekar
    khaled Dekar  5 days ago +1

    The evil English man did it all over the world, just like Palestine, they give it to Jews

  • Krissy's Spice 4 life & M.O.L Skin Deco

    Killem all for whitey

  • joh cor
    joh cor  6 days ago

    Isles of the Gentiles

  • nyc king
    nyc king  6 days ago

    Brits are famous for making new borders all over the world, and making catastrophic problems , because the brits knows best and are very clever and sophisticated.

  • James Evans
    James Evans  6 days ago

    Or all of Ireland just joins Britain again

  • Kip Strange
    Kip Strange  6 days ago

    Brits out up da ra.

  • Heraldo Medrano
    Heraldo Medrano  6 days ago

    Ireland should be one not two.