Can My Salvage Audi R8 Pass Rebuild Inspection with its Cheap Frame Repair?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 4, 2018
  • I took the rebuilt Audi R8 in for it's inspection. Here's what happened...Instagram: Me: [email protected]: SamcracPO Box 713Odessa, FL 33556


  • Shortyshrew  7 months ago

    Sam. I hate you. It bothers me so much that you never fix the low tire pressure warning lights on any of your cars. Sincerely, a hater.

  • WCADS  6 days ago

    @Paul Willis we care !!

  • WCADS  6 days ago

    @A9 Hah its our language which is certainly not inferior!! Its just you lot have mangled it out of recognition.

  • Nick P  7 months ago

    20 gallons for less than $60? I could only dream of gas prices that cheap!

  • jbaunh  1 months ago

    It's 93 Oktan. That's pretty much swamp water.

  • polla2256  1 months ago

    That'll be £94.37 in the UK or $119.65

  • Bierkameel  7 months ago

    You should change your name from Samcrac to Framecrack.

  • gmailcgs  1 months ago


  • Mr.Hedgehog  7 months ago

    More like windscreencrack. He cracked plenty of those but never a frame.

  • NickZtech  7 months ago

    Still can’t believe the deal you got on this thing!

  • Farzana Patel  1 months ago

    @Dave Buck Yeah but that weld is not really a permanent solution. I would be so scared to drive this car hard.

  • Farzana Patel  1 months ago

    @Faktefoe Mamama That's what you get when you live in socialist country.Capitalism is great.

  • Kaine Gunn  7 months ago

    Those high rpm's on cold oil hurt me

  • Bavarian Motors  3 months ago

    Nice E92

  • Kaine Gunn  7 months ago

    @Dave_Akio yep that's why you only have 500hp 😂😂😂😂

  • Mathew Fullerton  7 months ago

    Truthfully, the inspection seems like a farce. Not very thorough, if all they do is look at the dashboard lights and lean against a bumper.

  • Cactus Rider  7 months ago

    @Muskoka Mike So a vehicle would go in a straight line yet somehow not pull or favor one direction? They do check the suspension components to be in good order which sets the alignment. A 4 wheel alignment every inspection no thanks or think how much time that would add? Do you get a quarter for every time you type dgaf, holy damn lol.

  • Cactus Rider  7 months ago

    It Varies state to state what they examine besides what reason(s) it was salvaged for.

  • JohnStax  7 months ago

    I love how that exhaust Craccles

  • J E P E T I N  7 months ago


  • Paticu S  7 months ago

    U mean back fire?

  • Ron Kirkland  7 months ago

    Will he take off points for the dusty engine ?

  • Johnny Woo  7 months ago

    So what you saying in florida as long as the airbag lights are working correctly and the bumpers are not falling off you will pass inspection.

  • Litamously  7 months ago

    He eat banana as a snaccHe fix the r8 craccBut most importantlyHe try to pass the inspecc

  • U iz da bes raper !

  • Jim Rowe  6 months ago

    Excuse stewardess, I speak jive...