Japanese-American internment survivors protest U.S. treatment of migrants

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 24, 2019
  • Five Japanese-American elders protested Saturday at the Fort Sill army base in Oklahoma, where the Trump administration plans to indefinitely detain 1,400 migrant children. Fort Sill was an internment camp for 700 Japanese-American men in 1942. It was one of more than 70 sites where the U.S. government incarcerated about 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II.


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  • Ayaka Obata
    Ayaka Obata  a months ago

    Thank you so much for standing up for the rights of immigrants. From 🇯🇵 Japan

  • Rawb Ja
    Rawb Ja  4 months ago

    My Japanese grandfather fled to Mexico to avoid these camps, how can you support the side who signed the Executive Order 9066?

  • Ko Um
    Ko Um  4 months ago

    I remember reading about the Japanese concentration camps and feeling bad but having no connection to it. But now as an adult with little half Japanese kids, I dont know what I would do if it happened now. It can still happen and is happening and my heart breaks for this kids and their parents. You can feel how ever you want about the boarder but its inhumane to not hurt for these kids.

  • Cameron Stewart
    Cameron Stewart  5 months ago

    Pull that shit on a Naval base. Please!

    NOYDB  5 months ago +3

    Yelling at them like theyre recruits. It's funny when people ignore a knob.

    Lighten up Francis.

  • Robert Eugene
    Robert Eugene  5 months ago +2

    Brave old people full of conscience. Assets to the community. American authorities, like many, just wont deal with it's fk ups of the past and so repeats them, like idiots. Unless they don't believe those were injustices, so repeating is deliberate, which is more chilling

  • mark spannar
    mark spannar  5 months ago

    Illegals need to be deported immediately.

  • Darlene Mchugh
    Darlene Mchugh  5 months ago +1

    Good for you fight for those people. I just want to say I'm so sorry that happened to you!

  • Hualani
    Hualani  5 months ago

    Follow up? What happened with the loud mouthed cheese dick bully in uniform? was he removed? I surely hope the protesters did NOT move! TYVM D.N. for having someone locally share footage.

  • Billy Pardew
    Billy Pardew  5 months ago

    the top 1% pay 95 % of all taxes,payed ....how much more would you hav them pay and continue to operate in this country and provide american jobs .....demecrats are only interested in what the gov is giving away for free ........maybe communism suits u better

  • Jamil AlKhodari
    Jamil AlKhodari  5 months ago +1

    What does it profit a man to own the whole world and lose his soul

  • Morten christensen
    Morten christensen  5 months ago +1


  • MsPardal123
    MsPardal123  5 months ago

    Military guy yelling to those Americans civilians for no reason is unacceptable Just because they look Asians BUT they are Americans citizens and their tax money paying military salaries - “the rude guy kept yelling “ don’t you people understand “ Disrespectful and pathetic.

  • DXR
    DXR  5 months ago

    It cost society money to detain 1400 children indefinitely. 
    Plus, whatever they produce they produce as slave labor for being born into detention not for a crime committed is immoral.
    Children not incorporated into society with their parents is a sign of weakness and decrepitude.
    Left to languish and reports of children dying are not fabricated stories.
    A slave system exists inside America's detention centers.
    It develops its own industrial complex until detaining is no longer possible.Then what?
    What do you do when the kids have aged out? Let them go into society crippled as they are or do they remain as slave labor in detention?
    When they go the industrial complex of the penal system is left intact. I can think of better ways to spend social labor on repeated failures.
    If people knew penal colonies in the past were failures they would protest this policy vehemently.
    The Penal Colony was tried by many nations and they all failed.
    Devil's Island, Triblinka ad Aushwitz, Alcatraz, Guantanamo, the Americans do not want to let slavery go, if it cannot migrate into society, then it migrates into the prisons.
    Slavery is always around in one form or another creeps into the family and in society as an Aparthied System, it cannot exist without enslaving others.
    That system is gone too.

  • Jules C
    Jules C  5 months ago

    THESE PEOPLE ARE INVADING UR COUNTRY. 150,000 people a month are storming our border. There is no connection to Japanese interment camps. Millions of people are invading our country, costing us 8-12 billion a year just to “process them”. Not one of the, are asylum seekers.
    They’re not innocent, they’re not welcome, and they aren’t entitled to anything.
    If you assholes care so much, you take all 150,000 people EVERY MONTH and see how much you, your town, and destroy your budgets for these illiterate, third world garbage people.

  • marty methuselah
    marty methuselah  5 months ago

    the JEWS held a grudge for 2000 years to get the 'homeland'...that will be the standard..

  • Lewis C.
    Lewis C.  5 months ago

    There’s a difference between legal immigrants and illegal ones. Please make sure you make that difference known! My family came to America legally! I hate when you just sum up all “immigrants” together. It’s not okay! Legal, law Abiding immigrants are nothing like those illegal criminals!

  • Leita Jones
    Leita Jones  5 months ago +3

    Thank God the Military police revealed their nature of bully boy tactics. I am not going to arrest you because I can't! So I will Just try to intimidate you!
    When no Grace is given to others. You shall receive no Grace. Blessed be the Lion Hearts. Our Heart's all join today. Now my Love and Light joins yours,flowing through you, around you and for you 💞 drink deeply ☀
    especially the bully
    Leita Jones 🌺

  • Billy Pardew
    Billy Pardew  5 months ago +1

    omg those japanese put in internment camps were not illegal immigrints .....and it was the wrong thing to do to those japanese americans ....not the same as the humane sponges,on our southern border ....deport deport deport....

  • yojimbe1
    yojimbe1  5 months ago +1

    Boy you got all the Zionist Jews sure riled up. They don't like anyone diminishing their victimhood weapon.