BORDER VISIT: US Congress members visit the border in Texas

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 19, 2019
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  • troni270
    troni270  1 months ago +152

    We as Americans do NOT have a moral responsibility to take care of illegal aliens. We have a Constitutional responsibility to take care of Americans first. Not push more and more Americans into financial depression by fire bombing us with more and more taxes to take care of what's not our responsibility. I don't feel sorry anymore for people who willingly break the law and expect us to feed, cloth, and shelter them with our money. I can barely pay my bills and take care of my own family month to month, but I will not ask for or will not take hand outs. I man up and take care of my responsibilities and what's mine(Americans).

  • Kevin Adair
    Kevin Adair  1 months ago +27

    It is a congressional problem, and we all know who in Congress has been obstructing everything... Time to start trying these people for treason.

  • Robert Trump
    Robert Trump  1 months ago +142

    If congress did their job and fix the outdated laws then these people would not attempt to make this dangerous journey

  • Todd Nigreville
    Todd Nigreville  1 months ago +95

    Look at crying and whining and straight lying, like AOC and her drama queens.
    Y'all just fix it and be done.

  • Jason Webster
    Jason Webster  1 months ago +18

    As a Texan seeing this first hand I can say with no regret that this Congress is a true "Do Nothing" group. It's all talk. The only way anything gets done is by Presidential executive order and I mean ANYTHING.

  • Stephanie Waber
    Stephanie Waber  1 months ago +55

    You see any off them offering help to the homeless children and families living on the streets no you don’t. Living in tents sleeping in cars. Look at what California does to the homeless.

  • Just Some Medic
    Just Some Medic  1 months ago +16

    This “ caucus” better remember which country is paying their salary! 🇺🇸

  • zeppefan
    zeppefan  1 months ago +19

    Can't talk it to death folks, and it aint gonna fix itself. Get busy, build the wall, get rid of the criminals, stop shuffling your feet and do your job!!

  • Stephanie Waber
    Stephanie Waber  1 months ago +53

    Why don’t you care about America’s homeless people

  • Lolla Bells
    Lolla Bells  1 months ago +20

    With all due respect, this issue did not start under President Trump, many times throughout American History we have had large influx and ebb and flow of migrants. As one women said - all congress does is put a bandaid on it. So for a few years things settle down, then a new way is found to exploit the system again. Now if you haven't noticed the EU has been dealing with this now, and FOR YEARS people warned America - IT WILL HAPPEN. NO ONE DID ANYTHING! President Trump came and people cheered because for the first time it wasn't a POLITICIAN STANDING IN FRONT OF US GIVING US BS RUN AROUND ANSWERS! I'm sorry but I can predict exactly what was going to be said, because I have heard it 100 times! So excuse me if I don't have any faith in the "problem solvers caucus". The plain and simple FACT AND TRUTH IS Border patrol, ICE, people living & working on the border have been TELLING YOU FOR YEARS HOW TO FIX THIS! Yet some solution will offend someone even if RISKS OUR NATIONAL SECURITY! By the way, I volunteer with kids who are victims of trafficking - so yeah I am angry, because I see EVERYDAY INNOCENT VICTIMS of this! People say they care about the children, Really? So why ARE NONE OF YOU FIXING THE FACT THAT SO MANY UNACCOMPANIED CHILDREN are coming? Would you allow your child to travel over 1, 2 sometimes SEVERAL COUNTRIES ALONE? Do you know how many of those children are assaulted? DO YOU PEOPLE CARE WHAT THAT WILL DO TO THEM FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES? But it's all about the children? Sorry - but anyone actually helping the VICTIMS and NOT PROFITING off of this know that this could have been fixed a long time ago.

  • SmartrMelons
    SmartrMelons  1 months ago +28

    Quite a different account compared to AOC. hmmm. Someone's lying for political gain.

  • george 69
    george 69  1 months ago +30

    Why haven’t I heard from this group anything about drinking water from a toilet? AOC should be ashamed of herself

  • James B
    James B  1 months ago +15

    Most of the MS-13 gang members and Jihads are coming through that border, they won't go through the port of entry and seek asylum, because they are criminals.

  • IM4 INXS
    IM4 INXS  1 months ago +33


  • Nitty 1
    Nitty 1  1 months ago +25

    The border is a mess just like the democrats!!! Trump
    Your the best president ever🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • the great dirtbag
    the great dirtbag  1 months ago +42

    AOC and her Goon Squad Champion the nutritional value of toilet water and consuming Tide Pods.

  • New Dawn
    New Dawn  1 months ago +26

    Nice to see some common ground after 2 years of b.s.! I wonder if CNN will broadcast this ? It doesn't really fit the left's agenda ! I didn't hear " Trumps a racist " once .

  • James B
    James B  1 months ago +14

    The solution is simple, build the wall. It will pay for itself in a few years. A lot of it is already done.

  • Len Sawatzky
    Len Sawatzky  1 months ago +57

    Awesome a committee that want to fix instead of fight awsome Democrats and Republicans working together the way it should be

  • Kevin L Sims
    Kevin L Sims  1 months ago +15

    Nancy is blocking the reform that she was for pre Trump! Congress wont get any better till we FORCE them to do the Job We Are Paying Them For (Represent the Majority of Constituents of Their Districts ) !!!