BORDER VISIT: US Congress members visit the border in Texas

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 19, 2019
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  • Solomon Lee
    Solomon Lee  5 months ago

    All because the Dems refused to approve border funds. Now they say it is GOP fault.

  • Sylvia Clements
    Sylvia Clements  5 months ago +1

    Yes Congress needs to fix this broken system!

  • Mary Fowler
    Mary Fowler  5 months ago

    The Democratic ONLY concerns are solely about not going to prison for a attempted coup against President Trump, and to keep VOTES coming in to this country and to obstruct president Trump and try to get president out of office and to keep president Trump from building the wall, the Democratic are fixed on not raising a hand to help American citizens, the Democratic are the most destructive corrupt party,

  • Iotia Nooroa
    Iotia Nooroa  5 months ago

    Good on you, God bless

  • oldladyfish
    oldladyfish  5 months ago

    You are no different from the main stream media. You always leave out the fact that low income groups which make up a large part of the American population are always the ones whom are hurt by illegal immigration. First of all they are dumped into the low income areas where they can be the least afforded; the poor urban areas; where people have been on housing waiting list for years and the illegals wipe them out. They are not dumped into gated communities. Many of the inadequately educated, low skilled, elderly, disabled and youth of this country are the ones who work for the minimum wage. While my father was gone during the war and when he came back my father and my mother worked as farm migrant workers; driving trucks and tractors and working in the fields. Those were the first jobs taken. In my area the majority of the illegals work for cash. They don't pay into medicare or social security until income tax time. And then they claim the least amount of money as income so that they can get the largest income tax check and yes they can and always file income tax. Anywhere they dump illegal aliens; the property and small business taxes go up. So they dump them in the poorest communities. All of our community development funds go towards none English speaking class rooms and day care. They get free medical already so our social service clinics are over run; along with our charity and government gold card hospitals. Since the illegals work for cash many labor companies no longer hire Americans when they can hire illegals and pay them less. Drive up to any construction sight in Houston Texas and you will only see whites and other whites whom happen to be brown. Also many of these people are work gangs; they come here to work as a group in order to send large sums of money back to their "HOMES" outside of the united states. Some of these people are indentured and are here to work off a debt and they already have a job lined up; furnished by the people they owe a debt to. And then there a the people who have been permanently bought and sold. Stop trying to pull a tear from our eyes. We see right through you.

  • Tampa User
    Tampa User  5 months ago

    Wake up, people. Pay attention. This problem will never be fixed as long as there are people making money, not millions, but billions of dollars trafficking guns, drugs, cheap labor & counterfeit goods over the border. But 'The Powers That Be' want us to focus our attention on the immigrants themselves, so that we don't notice or don't care about what's really going on. There are enormous vast fortunes being made multiple times over. Business is good at the border. And the corruption exists on both sides of the frontier, don't kid yourself. THAT is where we need to put our attention: who is benefiting? who's making money? From the simple border agent making a few extra bucks to let a shipment slide through... all the way up the ladder to systemic corruption by mid and upper level officials. Lots of money to be made. One example: it's been reported that the corporations operating the detention facilities receive from the US government $775 per child per day to house them. You do the math. Last year, Southwest Key was paid over 1.5 BILLION dollars for housing children, not including adults. And that is just the legal profiteering; say nothing about illegal activity. The numbers are astronomical... If money is power, then who can withstand the pressure from the powerful forces which resist putting an end to all of the trafficking at the southern frontier?

    Most of these migrants don't want to come here, they don't want to leave behind their homes, families, their language, food, culture... everything. If things were tolerable at home they would stay there. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you want to leave with just the clothes on your back and walk for weeks to get to, say... Saudi Arabia, knowing you're risking everything even your life just to get there? Knowing that you might never see your homeland again? Your aging parents? That you might die on the way, or lose your children? What would it take to make you risk all of that?

  • Junibug W
    Junibug W  5 months ago +1

    So witnessing a murder and a threat is supposed to be a reason to come to America?! You have to be kidding me. We have people witness murder all the time and threatened as well. We have people who are stalked and murdered all the time. The police cant do anything! I dont see them getting any protection. I hear so much about humanity and these illegals and what they want. How many people of Congress have talked to the American people about what we want? I think it's great they want to work together, but honestly I dont think they are going to listen to the American citizens! They cant because they haven't even asked us how we feel. We are supposed to put our phones down and get to know people who think and act differently than we do. I say no. I shouldn't have to do that. We see it everyday on our own streets in our own country! We see it more than anyone in congress. This isnt going to help the American citizens! We will get more third world immigrants that are not merit based that do not want to assimilate! Congress is broken and they do not represent the people. They represent these people who take advantage of these loop hole laws Congress has made! I am completely furious! I do hope I am wrong. Though I dont think so.
    The only one I see talking about the citizens and what we want is President Trump. Also a lil handful of the Senate. What did these people have to say about how this affects the citizens? NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL! Dont be fooled. Certainly dont believe it till you see with your own eyes and ears!

  • WomanforTRUMP
    WomanforTRUMP  5 months ago +1


  • Charlene
    Charlene  5 months ago

    it would take 10 mints to fix really this should of been done years ago but if this is real this is great just FIX IT PLEASE !!!!!!

  • Tom P
    Tom P  5 months ago +1

    Deny them entry an the dream of free assistance on the home front.. WE CAN DO THIS AMERICA 💪💪

  • hopealong doodaa
    hopealong doodaa  5 months ago

    We been here before - Cuban and Vietnam - remember?

  • fisch kopf
    fisch kopf  5 months ago

    the land of criminals , warmaker and fascists

  • Sigrunn Chidester
    Sigrunn Chidester  5 months ago

    Yes, their are a lot of good people. I don't doubt that at all. BUT, there are also NOT good people as well. When they coming charging in, by the thousands, what are we suppose to do? Remember, a lot of those children, are with people that they are not related too. What is the story there? What about the people that came in the right way, LIKE MY PARENTS DID. Took the citizenship questions, and passed. This is a slap in the face to them. What about the people in California that can't afford housing, living on the streets, our Vets? Have you checked that out? But we are suppose to pay HIGHER TAXES, so we can give all of them a FREE RIDE. So, American citizen's that have jobs, pay their bills, have children, house's, cars, Insurance, might not be able to afford any of that. Then we can all become like CALIFORNIA. Let's not forget the criminals that keep coming back to our country, and get a FREE PASS by a CORRUPT JUDGE that lets them go out the back door. Unfortunately, it is political. The Democrats want them for VOTING and we all know that.

  • Karen O
    Karen O  5 months ago

    No offense - but Any bad to people coming across OUR Border Illegally - (dem pushed or not) - IS ON THEMSELVES!
    Any 'reasonable person' - especially with Phones in hand & News is heard - know it's no picnic. WE OWE US A WALL!

  • Regina St. John
    Regina St. John  5 months ago +1

    No amnesty, no chain migration, have all illegals choose from the UN migration list and build the wall ,13 to 18 year olds can be sent back immediately

  • Regina St. John
    Regina St. John  5 months ago

    Do you go see the American people who are suffering? Or is this another group more focused on non citizens?

  • Regina St. John
    Regina St. John  5 months ago +1

    No asylum merit based immigration fixes it all, no anchor babies

  • Bobby Roi
    Bobby Roi  5 months ago

    all this is hoax to keep Americans busy fighting each other while privaye owners of Fed keeps ripping us off.

  • Bobby Roi
    Bobby Roi  5 months ago

    god damn utube blocking commenting on many videos.

  • Regina St. John
    Regina St. John  5 months ago +1

    Blah blah blah blah for 30 years I'll believe it when it's fixed