Sea of Thieves Weekly Stream: Rum Runners

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
  • In the week of International Women's Day, Shelley takes up host duties with a crew of Chantelle, Vee and guest streamer Radderss living the life of Rum Runners! Visit the official game site at https://www.seaofthieves.comThis week's guest: Radderss ( the game and forge your own legend: into the Sea of Thieves Forums: Sea of Thieves on Twitter: Sea of Thieves on Facebook: Sea of Thieves on Mixer: Sea of Thieves on Twitch: Sea of Thieves on Discord: Live Gold required to play on Xbox One (sold separately).


  • ricky worthington  3 months ago

    Nothing against the ladies, it really is just a pure coincidence that this was my least favorite stream. I love Shelley though.

  • Oogie BoogieLP  3 months ago

    To the Dev's and to there guest streamer my apologies from my crew for sinking your ship twice on stream was good fun and i hope we can do a voyage together as we found something even "rarer" than the Shrouded Ghost <3

  • ZylbradFanboy  3 months ago


  • Oogie BoogieLP  3 months ago

    @Mischa Bubnash hahahaahhaahahha

  • Jebfrombritain  3 months ago

    Dang you got a yogcast member

  • captain0ldy0da  3 months ago

    Thanks for the Rum Runner quests. I only completed one of my own (for the achievement), but cashed in the loot of 20 Rum Runner quests from enemy players ;)

  • K-Spec Stylie  3 months ago

    RADDERS! What a lovely surprise to see a Yogs-lady on the stream. ^_^

  • Tomic Sans  3 months ago

    Im close to pirate legend but not anufe time 😭

  • Tomic Sans  3 months ago

    Wanna help me LunarHalo69

  • LunarHalo69  3 months ago

    enough* :) get that legend status, got mine 3 days ago homie!

  • BattleLars 2019  3 months ago

    I tried to play this with my friend but it dident work

  • David Desjardins  3 months ago

    Servers are down for maintenance right now

  • Derpy Sans  3 months ago

    And sea of thieves to ps4 pls

  • David Desjardins  3 months ago

    It's a Microsoft game. Microsoft and Sony are harsh rivals, so it will never go to Ps4. Just play on a computer

  • Nick Suarez  3 months ago

    What outfit are they wearing

  • J3loo42  3 months ago

    Rare please add ship mortars, a small shield to reduce damage to bullets, Grenades, duel weapons, man o war, allow me to be a skelly in a game mode

  • Mighty C  3 months ago

    J3loo42 Guns shouldnt be nerfed, swords should