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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 7, 2019
  • Welcome to Eat It or Yeet It, the new food challenge where the mystery items are so delicious you’ll EAT 'em or, so gross you’ll want to YEET 'em across the room!What foods should we try next on #EatItOrYeetIt? Leave a comment and let us know!SUBSCRIBE ►► #SmoshPit———————MERCH: Games: Up! Cartoons: en Français: en Español:


  • Courtney Miller
    Courtney Miller  3 months ago +9553

    Food Girl reporting for duty.

  • Damien Haas
    Damien Haas  3 months ago +2820

    Every single gosh dang person in this room NEEDS MORE TRAINING.

  • Zøe Lastnamé
    Zøe Lastnamé  2 months ago +1085

    Why is no one returning Damiens fist bumps🙁😂

  • iPyromantic
    iPyromantic  3 months ago +906

    There was no yeeting in this video. I FEEL LIED TO.

  • Competz Vuzzy
    Competz Vuzzy  2 months ago +472

    Guys I have something to say....
    iT cOuLd JuSt bE sHeRbErT

  • It'sMe Dafni
    It'sMe Dafni  3 months ago +738

    Pizza Roll
    First Ingredient - Pizza Roll

  • Sarah Marina
    Sarah Marina  3 months ago +2828

    Also Damien’s tragic missed fist bump flashback killed me

  • Chaoscillation Games
    Chaoscillation Games  2 months ago +561

    Olivia got a freaking Twinkie with wasabi, wasabi mayo, and hot sauce, Ian got a pizza roll.
    Sounds legit

  • nezzaPigga
    nezzaPigga  3 months ago +549

    Play this with Gordon Ramsay...
    Don’t forget to add a swear jar

  • GamerGirl Red10
    GamerGirl Red10  1 months ago +42

    poor boy never getting fist bumps . 1 like=fist bumps to damiens poor hand lol

  • Tasketov Fan
    Tasketov Fan  3 months ago +197

    Here’s a dish idea:
    Blend salmon, horseradish, milk and strawberries until it reaches milkshake form.
    Freeze it a little until it becomes slushy- like. Serve it in a milkshake glass and pot some sour cream on top to look like whipped cream. And finally add a strawberry on top and inject pickle juice or fish oil in it, so someone can say in the end: “wash it off with that strawberry”
    Like so they can see 🤮

  • Mayas Welt
    Mayas Welt  3 months ago +1552

    Ian: president of smosh
    Also Ian: absolutely jumps at the chance to win 10 bucks

  • stupid
    stupid  2 months ago +85

    Smosh squad: She's not ganna make it, get the bucket!
    Olivia: Hold my twinkie

  • Kamiel
    Kamiel  3 months ago +211

    11:36 THAT'S THE THIRD TIME, you'd think he learned it by now

  • Charlotte Dixon
    Charlotte Dixon  3 months ago +108

    When you know how the last round usually goes on GMM......

  • pika kaminari
    pika kaminari  2 months ago +71

    Shane goes for it hits the bell:
    Shane 2 seconds later:* jumping* I DON'T TRUST IT THO. I DON'T TRUST IT THO

  • Amanda Morrish
    Amanda Morrish  3 months ago +2272

    Fist bumps Damien from Canada so that he's not left hanging

  • Ashlynn Jones
    Ashlynn Jones  3 months ago +69

    1900's: In 100 years, we'll be so advanced we can go to space on vacations (MAybe)
    2019: EAT OR YEET

  • AmalahFunLife
    AmalahFunLife  2 months ago +73

    CoUld JusT BE ShERbUrT- Shayne 2019 (sorry if I spelled it wrong)😅

  • Ella- Borate
    Ella- Borate  1 months ago +18

    Who edited that? 11:18...😂
    The poor girl had fish coming out her mouth. 👌