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  • Published on:  Friday, August 10, 2018
  • Marco Silva will face the media ahead of his first Premier League game in charge of Everton - Wolverhampton Wanderers away on Saturday (5.30pm BST kick-off).


  • Robert Campbell  11 months ago

    Silva out at 12:55 if you want to skip

  • Xavier Farrell  11 months ago

    The hero we need but do not deserve

  • Trees Grey  11 months ago

    Some hero’s don’t wear capes

  • tamkiss brown  11 months ago

    Very very impressed by Marco.A breath of fresh air and for the first time in years I really believe we have a bright future.

  • roy jones  11 months ago

    Why do they never 'Mic up' the reporters asking the question?

  • obliviox  11 months ago

    My left ear loved this.....COYB!!!

  • SvenP  11 months ago

    Could do with hearing the questions as well..

  • GZCon  11 months ago

    SvenP agreed!

  • amberfilm  11 months ago

    Got all the money but still can't afford a microphone so we can hear the questions being asked.

  • Efcdan1878  11 months ago

    Got my full backing Marco , won't come good overnight but he will get the time because of his positive attitude and type of football he likes to play , Allardyce and Koeman walked round like they were doing us a favour , Silva looks like the cat that got the cream

  • thomas clare  11 months ago

    cant we afford a mike for the journalists?

  • Ursula Cardin  11 months ago

    Maarten 185 ha ha ha 😂😂

  • Maarten 185  11 months ago

    thomas clare It's hard to find that many people called Mike

  • mike sull  11 months ago

    I like Marco silver.and I think he will do a good job .you can not expect him to get it right at ones it takes time

  • Adam Flynn  11 months ago

    Very impressed with the club this transfer window...i think brands and silva can take the club forward with the support of mr moshiri and our fans.The manager will need some time to bring all the players together into a team and the fans need to get behind the manager and players this season.