John Harbaugh on How Eric Weddle Will Affect the Game | Baltimore Ravens

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 21, 2019
  • Head Coach John Harbaugh talks about the impact Marcus Peters has had on the Ravens and the role of Robert Griffin III.

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    SLICE n RICE  1 months ago

    We gon ignore RG3 role getting expanded!? Is this foreshadowing the heisman formation!?!? Aye!!

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller  1 months ago

    The thing about this ravens offense is it has to take an awful of strength training to pull this offense off. The way they cause missed tackles ala lamar and mark ingram. This team is full of power guys. No finesse with this ravens offense. That is why i think they will win it all. So much power

  • ColdRain34 Leo
    ColdRain34 Leo  1 months ago

    This Coach is the luckiest and should thank this lucky stars That Ozzie Drafted Lamar Jackson became last year he was about to be fired for that piss poor record with Joe Flacco and missing the playoff 5 years straight... Lamar really saved his job in Baltimore

  • Ron Edward
    Ron Edward  1 months ago

    One thing's for sure, Weddle's going to miss a few important tackles. More likely if the game is on the line. 😂

  • madbarber45237
    madbarber45237  1 months ago

    Never forget eric 4th & 29 Weddle......we need to target him In this game

  • albert mcghee
    albert mcghee  1 months ago +10

    Why is the sound on these press conferences so freakin quiet

  • B B
    B B  1 months ago

    They want Harbs to trash Peters, or am I tripping?

  • Richard Moran
    Richard Moran  1 months ago +4

    Why is it that the volume for these Press conferences always so damn low? Every single press conference

  • A J C Sr
    A J C Sr  1 months ago

    I can't wait to see our whole offense beat old man Weddle, on their way to the endzone ! 😈

  • james coleman
    james coleman  1 months ago

    Good coach he even knows the names of the grounds keepers unsung hero’s that help keep the players safe

  • Obduracy
    Obduracy  1 months ago +1

    We have eric back? Sorry im late so someone telp me pls lol

  • dbag0584
    dbag0584  1 months ago +3

    Since Chuck Clark has got the nod with the Tj injury it has been a whole new defense. Sorry tj

  • alpabro 5250
    alpabro 5250  1 months ago +13

    Ummm Kenny young would be more of a issue than weddle, Kenny seen are offense this whole off season!!

  • Francisco Leite
    Francisco Leite  1 months ago +3

    What does coach mean with RG3's "role gets expanded"? Does he mean there might be teams interested in him, or maybe coach plans to increase the Heisman Package?

    AMIR MG  1 months ago +2


  • Blacc R
    Blacc R  1 months ago +4

    Play black mamba, other than just for punt returnes!

  • lIIlLumberJackIllI
    lIIlLumberJackIllI  1 months ago

    Wont be surprised if the nfl sets up an lamar int for weddle

  • Bello Tello
    Bello Tello  1 months ago

    Someone help me, who are they talking about at 4:12

  • Blacc R
    Blacc R  1 months ago +5

    We have a completely different offense!!! Ravens Nation!!!

  • David Reed
    David Reed  1 months ago +1

    Weddle definitely more important than Ramsey since ramsey will be on our top wide out whoever that is and weddle will blitz and cover our tight ends probably