S’pore Go-Jek driver in viral video says thinking about his family helped him remain calm

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 1, 2019
  • A heated exchange between a Singapore Go-Jek driver and his passenger, who accused the former of kidnapping her on their trip from Bishan to the city, has gone viral after footage of the incident was posted on Facebook on Thursday. When contacted by The StarTV, the driver, Kamaruzzaman Abdul Latiff, said thinking about his family helped him to remain calm throughout the ordeal.Read more at: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/regio...


  • somtitious
    somtitious  6 months ago +12181

    We live in a dangerous world where a woman can claim anything against a male and it's believable! If the man had no camera, everyone would believe the woman!

  • IwanDee LIVE!
    IwanDee LIVE!  1 months ago +1028

    Oneday, She buy a car that have auto-lock. She said that car try to kidnapped her.

  • anxx
    anxx  4 months ago +902

    Passenger: i don't know the route
    Driver: * showing the route *
    Passenger: ARE YOU KIDNAPPING ME?????
    Bitch, what did the world do to deserve you?

  • Bela M
    Bela M  5 months ago +448

    One day she gonna screaming for help thinking that her own car trying to hostage her

  • salsa salsa
    salsa salsa  4 months ago +448

    you can literally unlock the door yourself..... is she stupid

  • Hakuna Banana
    Hakuna Banana  4 months ago +548

    She should get arrested for false accusations, never let kind of this people go away this easily there will be another kind of this people, its dangerous

  • riko mukhlis
    riko mukhlis  4 months ago +467

    Go-Jek should Update their end user terms and conditions, : Stupid and racist people are forbidden using our services,

  • Ms Mira
    Ms Mira  4 months ago +246

    It's quite wonder how he can still so calm in situation like that. Even watching this make my blood boil...

  • Mein Liebe
    Mein Liebe  4 months ago +138

    i bet her real destination is in the middle of the route , and she's trying to drop the ride, so she didnt have to pay. a dirty trick.

  • Fariz Zulfikar
    Fariz Zulfikar  6 months ago +2517

    Is it because I'm Chinese ?
    Me : Nope, it's because YOU ARE GOBLOK.. 😅

  • Mamang Wiiikkkwiiikk
    Mamang Wiiikkkwiiikk  4 months ago +163

    Was she in drugs or just a simple minded crazy bit*h ?
    She said she wont pay any cent to driver...nasty trick to get free ride...hahaha

  • Ian Fimone
    Ian Fimone  4 months ago +122

    But who was on the phone?
    Sounds like a bully who raised a entitled brat.

  • * COCOA
    * COCOA  4 months ago +82

    Crazy woman, which boy married him would be torture by her for the rest of his life. Keep accuse thr right person. Imagine if this girl is your workmate and she keep accuse you for something you didn't do, wow fml

  • YpmoY -
    YpmoY -  4 months ago +169

    Driver try to drive to the police station
    Girl : im in hostage situation

  • Monika Ren
    Monika Ren  6 months ago +1751

    Us Chinese people do not claim her 👋🏼

  • fertianoos
    fertianoos  1 months ago +48

    Woman : unlocks the door and got out
    Also Woman : Unlock the car door now!
    Driver : ....

  • ButterPlaysMC
    ButterPlaysMC  4 months ago +51

    this is why you need a high IQ to go outside.

  • Panha Sakvisa
    Panha Sakvisa  14 days ago +21

    Watching this video, my adrenaline just pump forcing me to like punch that girl in the face. Respect to driver for remaining calm throughout the situation.

  • Mochi
    Mochi  7 days ago +15

    “You give me the way I follow the way,but you don’t know the way” lol

  • Laurence Carino
    Laurence Carino  6 months ago +1355