7 Ways to Chop an Onion: You Suck at Cooking (episode 9)

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 6, 2015
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    Onion chopping technology has come a long way since the 1940's, but few people take advantage of it. Why is that? Ignorance. That's why.


  • Minchangas
    Minchangas  5 days ago

    Im black stripe in tae kwon do so i should be able to do it with 1 finger

  • Ayano
    Ayano  14 days ago

    as a black belt I cut my counter in half ... thanks

  • spooder man
    spooder man  14 days ago

    This man is BSD and howtobasic's adopted brother

  • NoobMaster69
    NoobMaster69  14 days ago

    0:38 wtf do you mean it made them into shallots then you throw it again against the wall and you got chopped shallots

  • Kayagorzan
    Kayagorzan  21 days ago +1

    Local "chaotic neutral" man murders onions

  • Cid Redwood
    Cid Redwood  21 days ago

    What if you're a higher belt? Will it just turn into black beans?

  • 500 Niles
    500 Niles  28 days ago

    My mom first showed me this video 4 years ago while I was in the youth inpatient facility on suicide watch, this video and the corn on the cob one. She had come to visit, and this was my first contact with the outside world in 4 days. 3 days later when I was released, I fell in love with your channel, and here I am today. Thank you for always being here when I need to smile.

  • Travis Ellis
    Travis Ellis  1 months ago

    What if you have a blue belt in Taekwondo then can you do it stell

  • Gabriel Alfaia
    Gabriel Alfaia  1 months ago

    why am i crying in the club right now

  • Estevan Quintero
    Estevan Quintero  1 months ago

    Do you live in Canada!?

  • Lacoulas 555
    Lacoulas 555  1 months ago

    This was before he threw it against a wall once to chop it

  • maria satchel
    maria satchel  1 months ago

    bro what do you do if the onion is smaller than your fokin thumb

  • Alphasun
    Alphasun  1 months ago

    You forgot the slapchop way

  • SeeburgMusic
    SeeburgMusic  1 months ago

    He's fluidly and equally bisexual, he has talked about it on a podcast. I remember him saying something like why would you go through life with one hand tied behind your back or one eye closed.

  • Proser
    Proser  1 months ago

    7 Way To Let Onion Explode It Self

  • Lochlan White
    Lochlan White  2 months ago

    I can smell the onions in this video

  • Judith Janneck
    Judith Janneck  2 months ago

    Method 8: use a food processor (my favorite one)

  • StudentStuffs2
    StudentStuffs2  2 months ago

    1:04 sounds like me when i get kicked in the nuts

  • NemotheChibi
    NemotheChibi  2 months ago

    The ending really triggered my OCD whyyyyy >.<

  • Lindsey
    Lindsey  2 months ago

    Got confused, read the title and immediately went at my oven with a chainsaw. Do you think I can convince my landlord it wasn’t user error?