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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 19, 2019


  • Tori Barron
    Tori Barron  5 months ago +1473

    The Girl from 4 years ago is under the Jacuzzi!

  • Michelle
    Michelle  7 months ago +4175

    They should have brought Donald Glover back just for this skit...

  • Random Person
    Random Person  7 months ago +1702

    How’d he take a picture of himself taking a selfie

  • Carissa Y
    Carissa Y  5 months ago +310

    Underneath the Jacuzzi:
    GI Joe is there, forever dormant. She never could get past her first love, and when Joe was about to leave her, she killed him in a fit of passion and hid him under the jacuzzi once the remorse settled. What she doesn't know is that Ken, who had been pining for her from next door for years now, saw the whole ordeal and has spent the last few decades of their relationship having nightmares about GI Joe under the jacuzzi. He says nothing though, because love makes you do irrational things. When Barbie is away and Ken is idle in the dream house, he broods in his self doubt and imposter syndrome. He's finally had enough. No more living in the shadow of G.I Joe. He was going to expose Barbie and get closure, save their relationship, and show her that Ken is here now, the new and improved lover. So, he chooses to make an announcement at the height of the party, anticipating the reveal. He moves the jacuzzi to show G.I. Joe's body, which has been preserved and looks impeccable in his glass coffin (a la Snow White.) He waits with bated breath for the crowd's reaction. Then the applause hits. Ken is devastated. Barbie, in the midst of it all, turns her head to look at Ken, her plastic smile was colder than Ken has ever seen it. That night in bed, after she has berated Ken, he lies awake. He is unable to sleep knowing that he could very well be the next one under the jacuzzi, probably buried under G.I Joe. So in the middle of the night, he flees, torn between his love for Barbie and his desire to live. He changes his name, dyes his hair, get plastic surgery, the whole shebang. He thinks he's safe, but Barbie knows, Ken. Barbie knows.

  • Ethan Winograd
    Ethan Winograd  7 months ago +2712

    Damn, Keenan’s been losing weight!

  • Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose
    Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose  7 months ago +3190


  • Audrey
    Audrey  7 months ago +1776

    Someone needs to create these Instagram accounts with Donald Glover's captions for Barbie and Rachel Brosnahan's for Ken.

  • shorow
    shorow  7 months ago +2004

    How is the title of this not "Kenstagram?"

  • Bryan Taylor
    Bryan Taylor  7 months ago +248

    If you buy Divorced Barbie, it comes with all of Ken's stuff.

  • Therese Martin
    Therese Martin  7 months ago +2415

    Everybody knows Barbies true love was GI Joe!

  • Batman
    Batman  7 months ago +1244

    I think SNL is assuring people "Pete is okay" by putting him in as much as they can. Also, glad to see we are building another running gag/continuity.

  • MeganKoumori
    MeganKoumori  7 months ago +931

    But what was under the Jacuzzi?

  • Fermin Nunez
    Fermin Nunez  7 months ago +261

    There’s another ken buried under the jacuzzi

  • Luz Rodriguez
    Luz Rodriguez  7 months ago +499

    Hi I am Barbie and this is my back.

  • fejic
    fejic  7 months ago +429

    Someone should make a fake Ken instagram and actually use this captions

  • Mirenda
    Mirenda  7 months ago +341

    “Dierdre help me weather my fury!” Kenan is a great, versatile supporting actor whose smile gets me every time.

  • chai xiong
    chai xiong  7 months ago +212

    I was looking forward to this sequel but it's kinda disappointing. Donald Glover definitely made the last sketch.

    SMARTART  7 months ago +74

    The girl that died in front of Barbie's house is under the jacuzzi, but Ken removed it to mess with Barbie.

  • faithca
    faithca  7 months ago +730

    Kind of disappointed in this one, I liked the Barbie Instagram skit so much

  • Chewy
    Chewy  7 months ago +38

    The Jacuzzi Secret is killing me.. I must know what she’s hiding 😂😂😂😂