Walt Disney World Discussion | 04/23/19

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 23, 2019
  • In this episode, new details have been released about the 30th Anniversary of Disney's Hollywood Studios, Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway is officially delayed, and apparently 'Ohana sucks again.

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    New Details Surrounding Disney’s Hollywood Studios 30th Anniversary Celebration on May 1:

    The Walt Disney Company Donates $5 Million to the Notre-Dame Cathedral Rebuild:

    Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Opening at Walt Disney World Delayed Until Spring 2020:


    Captain Minnie Mouse to Debut on Disney Cruise Line Ships Later this Month:

    Disney’s Hollywood Studios 30th Anniversary Limited-Time Treats and Snacks:

    PizzeRizzo Set to Reopen May 4, ABC Commissary Closed May 5-24 for Refurbishment:

    Disney’s Animal Kingdom to Introduce ‘Rivers of Light: We Are One’ This Summer:

    Disney Shares Details on 'Villains Unite the Night' Stage Show Coming to Magic Kingdom:


    Need to vent on 'Ohana experience:


  • GreenEyedGirlTx
    GreenEyedGirlTx  2 months ago

    I 100% agree with Pete about O'Hana. From the perspective of someone that lives out of state, and previously loved going to O'Hana for dinner, we shouldn't have to just accept poor management and culture from a place that should be on top of their game. We shouldn't have to "find a new place", or just accept poor service. We don't have that capability like a local does....which is why I value your dining reviews on this channel, but c'mon "find a new place to like" is a total cop out for the restaurant.

  • Myrna Powell
    Myrna Powell  2 months ago

    I am canceling Ohana. We go on vacation to get away from stress and enjoy time together. It’s such a shame my little girl would have loved this place 😢

  • Darth Brett
    Darth Brett  3 months ago

    I went to 'Ohana for my 5th visit this past summer. Food and ambience were great as usual. I honestly did not experience the rushed service. I did go at 4p around when dinner is just starting. From the point we were seated to the moment we got up to leave it was probably 70 min later. Our waitress never rushed us or made us feel rushed and we had a very relaxing meal. It is unforunate that a lot of people are having awful experiences, though. Hope that issue is addressed and is corrected.

    I will say, when you eat at a restaurant, it is like being a pitcher in a ballgame -- YOU control the pacing. Just slow down when you eat, sip on your drinks. Sit a little, enjoy the view and music. Don't let them control your dinner's pacing.

  • Jillian Paciello
    Jillian Paciello  4 months ago

    I used to be a server at Ohana for breakfast. It was during that time that they turned to the wave method of seating so everyone would see the characters quickly and at the same time. We would get seated with 2 tables at once, then a couple of minutes later we would get our other two tables. It was a mad house. We would literally run the entire time and were trained to get them in and out. There were some really good servers there who really tried to make the experience a happy one for guests, but there were also many who were basically food delivers and that's it.
    The problem you run into with places like Ohana is the cost per person is so high that the server is likely to get a good tip regardless, especially when it's a big party and gratuity is added. You make a lot of money there (I used to work in entertainment so when I switched to there I was floored by how much you make per day), but there are servers who take advantage of that and just want to get people in and out as quick as possible so they could make more money. Same with the busers. They drop that food so quickly to turn the table. It seems to be a money making scheme more than an experience. I really enjoyed my time there and the people I worked with, but I hated how rushed we were. It was so hard on us and I felt guilty if I didn't give a table enough attention because I was spread so thin. I loved getting to talk to families and the kids, asking them what their plans were for the day, giving them my insider tips, but they way the seating worked they made offering quality service hard to do. They also condition servers to get them in and out. It makes me so sad how much money people spend there and they are rushed. It's just not right.

  • Scotty Ballgame
    Scotty Ballgame  4 months ago

    Craig has such a shitty attitude.

  • Swamp Sagacity
    Swamp Sagacity  4 months ago

    Sounds like Ohana has an overbooking problem.

  • Trish G.
    Trish G.  4 months ago

    Ryno is too damn funny 😂

  • Lani A
    Lani A  4 months ago

    Glad I watched this before out trip in July. Not going to Ohana.

  • Erikk Friberg
    Erikk Friberg  4 months ago

    < 1:00 in and I am ready for the rant!!! I love Pete's rants...he's usually on point!

  • We Adventure With Disney

    Such a good episode.... I always love insight from different points of view!

  • dan t
    dan t  4 months ago

    @disunplugged we love Ohana and have never been rushed. We love the salad, wings and noodles more than the skewers. On a date night while my daughter was at Lilo's we sat down for a 7:00 reservation. We were sitting at the window when the fireworks started and we were still eating desert when they ended. A very magical meal.

  • Samantha Kay
    Samantha Kay  4 months ago

    I was not looking forward to our dinner at Ohana's this trip in September before I watched this episode but now I am dreading it!. But it was not my choice and I am not paying so I'll go and complain if it is bad. Thanks Pete!

  • Whitney Pullen
    Whitney Pullen  4 months ago

    I had a similar experience at O'hana during last year's visit. Listening to the show, I had thought that the rushing had gotten better, and booked again for our upcoming visit. After hearing the O'hana update Pete gave during this episode, I cancelled our reservation and emailed Disney to tell them why. In the two weeks since I emailed them, I have gotten three phone calls from their guest services, and an email. Don't know if all the complaints will help, but it seems to be getting their attention.

  • Mari Peti
    Mari Peti  4 months ago

    I love this channel, I have belonged to disboards since 2006? or earlier, been a long time! Love Disney everything. Love all the reviews, of the hotels, food, anything Disney! Ty Pete's Great everyone is too! ;) Ty

  • Kenneth Stalsworth
    Kenneth Stalsworth  4 months ago

    Between Ryno loosing his pearls and Pete getting all flustered, I think I need my smelling salts!

  • Doofs In Disney
    Doofs In Disney  4 months ago

    Pete, Watching all of your comments, reviews, and stories about Ohana... I will NEVER go here to eat.
    There is no reason that you are paying that much and being treated like you are at a quick service restaurant.

  • John Venta
    John Venta  4 months ago

    Rhino not liking Minnie and Daisy is why Pete is everyone’s favorite.

  • Larry G
    Larry G  4 months ago

    Last time we ate at dinner at O’hana was July 4th week of 2018. It was a family reunion of sorts and we wanted time to eat and talk. Food was coming to our table way too fast so we asked the waiter to simply TAKE IT AWAY. We essentially controlled the pace of our meal. It wasn’t until we were done with our appetizers that we allowed the next course to be left at our table. Agreed at this price point the patrons should not have to do this. But my point is that it worked. Don’t be shy, speak up- if next course is being dropped - tell the waiter to TAKE IT AWAY that you are not ready for the next course. This is an ‘all you care to eat’ table service. There were specific items we wanted more of before moving on to the next course and this process worked great to manage the pace of our meal and the items we wanted more of.

  • Uk Sunshinekid
    Uk Sunshinekid  4 months ago

    Twistie Treat!! Oh yeah 😋

  • Robin Crowder
    Robin Crowder  4 months ago

    Love you guys! Even my puppy will watch you guys it's the cutest thing. Much love from Alabama.