Can Body Positive & Fitness Enthusiasts Find Middle Ground?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • We brought people who represent body positive and fitness enthusiasts together to find middle ground. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈

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  • Will Walton
    Will Walton  seconds ago

    The “Body-positive” people got much more representation, you made a buzfeed move, Jubilee

  • TFtusave
    TFtusave  5 hours ago

    Body positive people are just lazy people who find excuses not to eat right and excercise

  • rozh996
    rozh996  16 hours ago

    That big bald guy is way to nice

  • clout seeker no cap

    Running out of ideas be like

  • * MadLad555 *
    * MadLad555 *  yesterday

    So we're not gonna talk about how the lady in pink is dressed vs the dude in the maroon is?

  • Brad Libby
    Brad Libby  yesterday

    Body positivity it to me as someone that loses a leg and learns to cope with it not someone that learns to be obese and just keeps being obese

  • OmniFlex96
    OmniFlex96  yesterday's not funny but I died on the first question, because the body positive people went forward too. I was like, "Why y'all lyin' ?"😂😂

  • raerae7273
    raerae7273  yesterday

    This is off topic but was anyone else thinking that one woman needs a freaking bra? I'm totally body positive but at least I don't let my saggy tits (and I do have them) be on full display.

  • pur kichu
    pur kichu  2 days ago

    God!!!! Let the fitness enthusiasts talk. 🤦

  • pfguo87
    pfguo87  3 days ago

    My opinion about Body Positive people:
    You are happy with your size cool I am happy for you, just don't sit next to me on a bus or a plane where you are taking up half my seat as well.
    If you are fine with how you look you can be as big as you want to be as long as it don't impact me negatively.
    If both of us pay $10 for a bus seat you shouldn't be taking up half of my seat with your size, if so pay me back $5 and another $3 for the inconvenience of getting squished.

  • Patrick Cahill
    Patrick Cahill  3 days ago

    I felt like there is a scrutiny against "fitness" people. I see NFL stars that do not have 6 packs but they sure as hell can beat me down time and time again for fitness. The body positivity is crucial to our society, but being healthy should always take priority. And it is awesome to see both sides agree on that.

  • lian
    lian  3 days ago

    i feel like everyone's competing with their sob stories

  • Kajal Nehru
    Kajal Nehru  3 days ago

    It's bad to see @jubilee that you did not give equal chance to everyone to speak. Poor time management

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe  4 days ago

    Why does everyone want to be a victim?

  • Ashleigh Arcucci
    Ashleigh Arcucci  4 days ago

    Why do people always show body positive as being obese?

  • Bro Matter
    Bro Matter  4 days ago +2

    I refuse to believe that people can be obese on a caloric deficit

  • Lela Bean
    Lela Bean  4 days ago +1

    why was there a fitness add before the video??????/

  • AkNahlej AllEyeSeer
    AkNahlej AllEyeSeer  4 days ago +1

    Body positive can be detrimental if it means love my body the way it is even if it is extremely unhealthy. Body positivity should be more like I recognize that although I have issues sustaining a healthy body it is all in my control and change doesn't come right away so I love self and the process to becoming the best me as possible.

  • Jaleel Sobers
    Jaleel Sobers  4 days ago

    Seems like they already agree on everything by the way they agree.

  • supermarioraymond1

    It was really surprising that it seemed like there was almost no disagreement between the two sides. It was almost like both sides were fitness enthusiasts.