Can Body Positive & Fitness Enthusiasts Find Middle Ground?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
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  • someone  11 months ago

    Non binary people VS people who believe there are 2 genders

  • twinkie !  31 minutes ago

    Lit scientifically, your brain can be between male and female so.

  • sean lynch  yesterday

    Kassidy Stacks mentally ill vs normal

  • With Wilk  5 months ago

    Being body positive is being mentally healthy.Being active and eating well is being physically healthy. We need both, not either or.

  • Plutonian Press  3 days ago

    This needs to be upvoted. The antithesis of this is the problem.

  • Dang, well said

  • len ci  5 months ago

    Hi, Jubilee. The fitness enthusiast side really didn’t get the time to speak the way the body positive side did. Can there be a do over? I’m here for both sides and I can’t help feeling like the BP people got more time to ensure that the video was politically correct. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Franklin Oliver  3 days ago

    This show is rigged with an obvious agenda.

  • Matthew JS  4 months ago

    Wow, cutting off your participant is a rude move.

  • Starry Horizon  29 days ago

    @Thomas Cusack Yeah my bad, I didn't read the comment through and thought that you were the one saying that people would "get bored."

  • Thomas Cusack  a months ago

    @Starry Horizon I never agreed with the early buzzer.

  • Jessica Y.  4 months ago

    This debate is BIASED. They cut off whenever folks from the fitness side tries to say something like wtf

  • Barock Johnson  7 days ago

    Hybrid Nex that’s CNN

  • Alex Gardner  11 days ago

    Ur logo has me dead for some reason lmao

  • Kana Araya-Kjeseth  10 months ago

    These videos are such a great concept but poorly executed. I understand they are trying to keep short and interesting but please make it deeper. I do not care if it’s longer. Every time things get heated, they cut it off to a next question and that is getting me very frustrated.

  • sean lynch  2 days ago

    Kana Araya-Kjeseth they’re deliberately biased and agenda driven for left wing delusions

  • saints FPS  1 months ago

    @Gibby Gibbs i get what your saying but not in a set up like this

  • velvetvascular  6 months ago

    Didn't hear from the fitness enthusiasts nearly enough. This seemed very one-sided. Listening to this chick in the pink top lie to herself and everyone around her was comical though.

  • Blu Moo  5 days ago

    why does this have so little comments? with so many likes?

  • Lil Pingu  4 months ago

    Wait but, aren’t fitness enthusiasts body positive? I mean, they care a lot about their body and its health

  • @Robin Wu Lei They are, they just want to be better, STFU you body positivity SJW.

  • @Rachel Stotler real body positivity is that we all have flaws, don't get insecure, if you think you are bad remember we make species extinct every day, we are all disgusting goblins, even if you are the most beautiful woman, it that you should embrace your flaws, you should embrace you are a goblin, like all of us.

  • Taylor Morgan  2 months ago

    Most. Frustrating. Video. Ever. The fitness side had NO VOICE. I’m actually surprised. Jubilee usually lets everyone say their thoughts and express their opinions pretty equally but man... I was so excited to watch this one being on the fitness side when i saw the title. A little disappointed with this one here. :(

  • Just Julia  1 months ago

    I had no « side » I was just genuinely curious to listen and form an opinion, but I agree very disappointing video!

  • Alessia S.  1 months ago

    @Gabe De Young people who can't take criticism or accept opinions that differ from their own are the worst kind of people.

  • Steven Carbuhn  6 months ago

    As someone that is a fitness enthusiast and also believes in being body positive- it really annoys me when people think that these two ideas can't coincide

  • Kivan  1 months ago

    I think what they were trying to say was more along the lines that when body positivity is used by the fitness community as a gateway to fitness, that’s not true body positivity. “You should be happy with how you look and feel, but think about how much better you could look and feel if...”You can be active and healthy and still not be deemed fit or attractive in modern culture. What becomes problematic is when the only thing that is perceived as beautiful is people with entertainment (movie, TV, porn...