✢Freddie Dredd - La Madrague (Prod. Ryan C)✢

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 27, 2016
  • https://soundcloud.com/ryan-cc/freddie-dredd-la-madrague-prod-ryan-c
    TWITTER: twitter.com/FreddieDredd
    FACEBOOK: www./freddie.dredd
    INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/freddiedredd/

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  • Zeynep Bacik
    Zeynep Bacik  14 days ago

    Can someone drop the lyrics down below 💕🙏😂

  • ᴄ-ɢᴀɴɢ AutoClickruhhh


  • Katie KitKat
    Katie KitKat  21 days ago

    fuck withhh this hardd

  • • c α c α s s _
    • c α c α s s _  1 months ago


  • D_75 Records
    D_75 Records  1 months ago +2

    qui l'eu cru qu'il allais mettre du francais sur sa musique

  • Icecplus
    Icecplus  1 months ago

    Кто от 4Head?

    BIG BOSS  1 months ago +1

    4head на месте

  • Lil Kibou
    Lil Kibou  1 months ago +1

    Dj screw vibes

  • siix
    siix  1 months ago

    I was here from some nissans ripping up a touge, who else?

  • jacob letsplays
    jacob letsplays  1 months ago

    pls pls pls pls pls put this on spotify

  • Max Rad
    Max Rad  1 months ago


  • Gila Bhyat
    Gila Bhyat  1 months ago

    Freddiedeedd songs are the only songs I wanna dance to

  • Gametronic 123
    Gametronic 123  1 months ago


  • kruerik
    kruerik  1 months ago

    Who do u kill bruh

  • ِ
    ِ  2 months ago

    فريتش 0:13


  • Krishna Nair
    Krishna Nair  2 months ago

    what r the lyrics

  • AbortedFetus
    AbortedFetus  2 months ago +3

    Coquillages et crustacés
    Qui l'eût cru déplore la perte de l'été
    Qui depuis s'en est allé
    On a rangé les vacances

    I'll tell you what motherfucker,
    I'ma creep up in your dorm
    And leave you penis on the motherfucking floor
    Never fuck with me,
    I'm gonna tell you what the fuck I do and what I do,
    Is killing fools, you better goddamn move
    In the back,
    Creeping on the motherfucking set you better bet
    Motherfuckers gonna die today
    Never test me (x2),

    You fucking bitch,
    I'ma leave your hoe deeming you goddamn bitch
    Can you please just tell me what you thinking,
    Cause Im gonna fucking pussy passing,
    And you like "a one more test"
    Then i'm gone,
    Cause i'm creeping in the fucking dangerous zone
    And you know,
    That i'm gonna keep on going in my town

    (something) On my hip,
    Cause you know I fuck this shit,
    Hollow tip
    Extra dip rest it on yo fucking bitch
    Shut your eyes,
    In disguise,
    All you hear is loud cries
    In the dark, you stay inside,
    Time to say all your goodbyes

    Coquillages et crustacés
    Qui l'eût cru déplore la perte de l'été

    SCARE CROM  3 months ago


  • Flo Lemaille
    Flo Lemaille  3 months ago

    hi im in schoppp; and im a tezacher

  • Efendy Memes
    Efendy Memes  3 months ago