Inside a Flat Earth Conference

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 7, 2018
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    The one thing that I thought we all could agree on, was that the earth was round. Yet despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, there is a burgeoning movement of Flat Earth believers, and I got to attend one of their conferences.

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    Shot by Michael Coen
    Sound by Sam


    Bit's O Weirdness
    Katie Glover
    Erin Fiser
    Emily Zinsitz
    Robert Ottem


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  • Not Exactly Normal
    Not Exactly Normal  1 months ago +190

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    • Zenjedi99v2
      Zenjedi99v2  4 days ago

      If that's a party you can count me out. Are you saying that I can PAY dashlane to give a private entity to have access to all my id's & passwords? You'd have to be a flat Earther to be that stupid. It's called a brain. It has a thing called memory. If that doesn't work use a pen on a thing called paper.

    • YTCensorsMe Poop
      YTCensorsMe Poop  5 days ago

      Not Exactly Normal I’m 4:30 into your video... I just want to point out... it’s not a religious thing. There are a lot of religious people, thus there are religious flat earthers, but this new flat earth boom whatever you want to call it, was not started as a religious thing at all. In fact, the main person responsible for the current flat earth movement is named Eric Dubay. Heard of him? He’s only mentioned every other minute by Joe Rohan and Eddie Bravo. Eric is spiritual, he even teaches Yoga, but to say he’s religious couldn’t be further from the truth.. Eric has put out videos that Jesus isn’t real. Ok. Doesn’t get more unreligious than that.
      He’s either banned from YouTube for the Jesus vid or videos mentioning Jews as possibly being part of a larger conspiracy.
      Actually I’m not sure what he said about Jews I’ve never seen that particular vid, I just know he has talked about Jews, im claiming he said anything anti semetical.

    • infernovoid
      infernovoid  5 days ago

      Honestly seems like a big marketing scam based upon false beliefs/religion.

    • Outsider
      Outsider  6 days ago

      Trusting all your info to a company? Yeah, great idea!!!

    • Heath Sims
      Heath Sims  7 days ago

      +Will Wynne You need to read my comment again because you clearly didn't understand what I wrote.

  • ninegames
    ninegames  an hour ago


  • Sergei Bosyk
    Sergei Bosyk  an hour ago +1

    more like smooth brainers

  • flance81
    flance81  an hour ago

    You watch live tv of an event taking place in LA while sitting in new york. The sun may set in new york, it hasnt set in LA. hummmmmm

  • flance81
    flance81  an hour ago

    I love how people made this a spiritual thing. Zero actual correlation to spirituality at all. These morons are forgetting that the bible actually says the earth is a sphere.

  • Karlo Kolšek
    Karlo Kolšek  an hour ago

    retard alert

  • PRISM 9
    PRISM 9  an hour ago +1

    Flat brainers...

  • GoteLights
    GoteLights  2 hours ago

    I wish these people would use science and mathematics and realize that the earth is an egg

  • Kevin Shi
    Kevin Shi  2 hours ago

    My conspiracy is that the government invented the flat earth society to find gullible idiots, monitor them for 5 years before they go through a mass-extermination to rid the SPHERICAL earth of imbeciles.

  • Karlo Kolšek
    Karlo Kolšek  2 hours ago

    look at just how they all look. like they are missing a piece or two XD

  • spookym123
    spookym123  2 hours ago

    It's a "God" thing; now it makes sense (that it doesn't make sense)!

  • Will Fischer
    Will Fischer  2 hours ago

    Very "special " video

  • N/A N/A
    N/A N/A  2 hours ago

    they "focus on information that supports them and ridicule anything that don't agree on".
    isn't that what you're doing also? lols

  • ICanSeeY0u
    ICanSeeY0u  3 hours ago

    so is the rest of the universe flat? or just us in earth? im kinda curious now. . . is the sun flat as a pancake too? and the moon? blackholes?

  • oliver James
    oliver James  4 hours ago

    if the earth was flat where are the edges

  • Matthew Luk
    Matthew Luk  4 hours ago

    Who would win:
    Hundreds of years of scientific evidences proofing the earth is a globe.
    *A flat earth boi*

  • crocaduck
    crocaduck  4 hours ago

    What a collection of science illiterate kooks.

  • Squishy Wednesday
    Squishy Wednesday  5 hours ago +1

    lmao no more internet for me the rest of the week... this was plenty. I don't know if my brain can handle more stupidity

  • TheCanineGamer
    TheCanineGamer  5 hours ago

    Why don't all of those people just go on the top of a mountain and see the curvature of the Earth

  • cYn eVsCrab
    cYn eVsCrab  5 hours ago

    my mind when i cant decide what to eat